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10 Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers You Must Consider [2021]

"Music is to the soul what words are to the mind” – Modest Mouse

Well said! Music is something that breathes new life in our day when everything else seems all dull and sullen. If it wasn’t for music, the meaning of entertainment and relaxation would have been totally different. Thank god, for music! 

If you’re a music lover who likes to keep the music on around them, enjoying their tunes and beats doing almost everything, we are here just for you. Yes, it is evidently about speakers (as you must have read in the title of this blog) and we are here with a list of the best options of the loudest Bluetooth speakers. 

We are aware of all the confusion and dilemmas surrounding our when you’re about to make the decision of buying a Bluetooth speaker. There is a lot to consider, a lot of options to explore, and so many users to listen to! So, we did the homework for you! 

If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker and are stuck in a dilemma as to which one to buy, this list of the best options will help you decide! Based on the reviews given by the real users and the features offered by the manufacturer, this list is as exhaustive as it could be, followed by a buying guide for your help. So, let’s get started and get into it: 


SOUNDBOKS 2 - The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes...
Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
TREBLAB HD77 - Ultra Premium Bluetooth Speaker - Loud 360° HD...
Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproof,...
SOUNDBOKS 2 - The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes...
Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
TREBLAB HD77 - Ultra Premium Bluetooth Speaker - Loud 360° HD...
Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproof,...
840 Reviews
2,972 Reviews
4,097 Reviews
58,197 Reviews
SOUNDBOKS 2 - The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes...
SOUNDBOKS 2 - The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes...
840 Reviews
Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
2,972 Reviews
TREBLAB HD77 - Ultra Premium Bluetooth Speaker - Loud 360° HD...
TREBLAB HD77 - Ultra Premium Bluetooth Speaker - Loud 360° HD...
4,097 Reviews
Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproof,...
Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproof,...
58,197 Reviews

1. SOUNDBOKS 2 - The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Waterproof and weatherproof 
  • Long battery life
  • Comes with outdoor mode 
  • Bluetooth connectivity  
  • Top-rated party  speaker  

Now, portable doesn’t have to mean small in size, it just necessarily means unplugged or wireless. So, if you’re looking for portable yet  large bluetooth speakersSOUNDBOKS 2 is the best choice to go for! ‘Designed for the most extreme uses and environments’, this speaker suits the best to everyone, be it party freaks, travelers, or people who like to take road trips, go camping, have beach parties, and have all sorts of outdoor fun! The use possibility of this speaker is endless. The best thing is that this speaker comes with BATTERYBOKS 2, which gives the speaker a battery life of 40 hours. 

With 122 dB volume, this is the loudest speaker you can get in this price range! SOUNDBOKS is weatherproof, water-resistant, and splash-proof. It is built with high-quality material and technology, making it last longer. 


  • Loud, clear, and high volume 
  • No distortion
  • Easy and fast connectivity 
  • Good bass 
  • High-quality and Lightweight


  • Sound quality deteriorates with low battery
  • Loud static/hiss 
  • Limited Bluetooth range

2. ABRAMTEK E600 High Power Wireless Speaker

  • Super Bass feature
  • Space-filling loud sound
  • Optimal EQ Modes
  • Frequency range from 30Hz to 18 kHz
  • 360-degree surround sound 
  • Aesthetic design

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is neither too big nor too small, this is the perfect fit for you! The ABRAMTEK E600 is a high-power wireless speaker of 100W. The speaker comes with the amazing DPAC (Dual Pressure Air Compression) super bass technology that is said to ‘change the audio world’. With this technique, the speaker delivers full-range thundering bass through a passive radiator with a combination of an innovative driver configuration and air pressure.

The speaker, with its iconic sound quality, delivers 360-degree surround sound, giving a multi-speaker environment to the users. With the help of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), it gets easy for the users to modify the tempo and pitch of audio files. With these features and a lot more, this is a super-stylish, portable Bluetooth speaker.


  • Good battery life
  •  Richness of sound 
  • Value for money
  •  Easy pairing with other stereos
  • Wireless pairing with strong Bluetooth connection
  • Sound quality not impacted by low battery 


  • Comes with inadequate instructions 
  • Doesn’t come with a remote 

3. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aiwa Exos-9
  • Customizable 5-Band EQ
  • Easy Bluetooth connection with any device 
  • 3.5 mm jack for wired connections
  • 60-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee 
  • 2-year warranty 

This one is a medium-sized portable Bluetooth speaker, ideal for both indoors and outdoors. The Aiwa Exos - 9 comes with 200 watts of constant power, 5 drivers, and a 6.5” subwoofer. With loud, clear, and crisp sound quality, this one is the best Bluetooth speaker in its price range.

The lithium-ion all-day battery pack gives you the freedom to play your music as long as you can – for 9 hours straight! This speaker is perfect for camping, BBQs, beach parties, fishing, and all the other fun things you want to do with your friends and family!


  • High-quality sound and great bass
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Replaceable battery


  • Fewer features 
  • Not durable 
  • Low battery impacts sound quality
  • Midrange is missing

4. TREBLAB HD77 - The best small & loud bluetooth Speaker

  • Built-in microphone enables calling 
  • Hand-strap for easy portability 
  • Easy and fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • 33-feet signal range 
  • 5200mAH battery goes for 20 hours in a single charge

One of the best small loud bluetooth speakers, the Treblab HD77 is an ultra-premium speaker with 360 degree HD surround sound and wireless dual pairing. As it is a small speaker, runs on 25W power and delivers high-quality bass! 

You can connect 2 speakers with the dual pairing option and enjoy theatre-quality surround sound with the help of dual bass subwoofers. The speaker is waterproof and weatherproof, ideal for using outdoors, sports, and adventures like hiking, camping etc. It can withstand any weather - be it rainy or snowy. The speaker is handy and looks cool because of the ambient LED lights.  


  • Amazing sound and bass quality 
  • Good battery life 
  • Premium design and built
  • Distortion-free sound 
  • Rugged manufacturing for easy outdoor usage


  • Problems with dual pairing
  • Microphone may not work perfectly

5. FUGOO Tough XL

  • Full-fidelity audio
  • Dustproof, Snow-proof, and Mud-proof
  • 35-hour battery life
  • Easy portability
  • Handy design
  •  Waterproof and rugged built

Another small Bluetooth speaker option, the Fugoo Tough XL is a portable and rugged speaker with 360 degree surround sound and 8 symmetrically placed drivers lead to clean highs, midrange, and deep lows. Besides, the speaker has 4 tweeters, 2 sub drivers, 2 passive radiators, and a 97 db.

The speaker is waterproof and is ideal for outdoor use for sports and adventures. The battery powers this speaker for about 35 hours and is said to last for more than a day! The best feature of this speaker is that it has an internal quick charge bank which provides easy and fast USB charging to any connected device! The speaker is also compatible with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant.


  • Superb sound quality
  • Can be used as a power bank 
  • Crisp and clean audio
  • 3.5 mm jack for wired connectivity
  • Compatible with AI Assistants


  • Trouble with volume controls 
  • Doesn’t cover background noise 
  • No handle/strap
  • No stereo set up 

6. Anker Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore
  • Sound quality powered by Soundcore
  • Compatible with Alexa-enabled device
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Solid Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Instant setup
  • High-quality built and design

Another option of a small and handy Bluetooth speaker, this one from Anker comes with superior sound quality and fast Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker is available in 3 different color variants – black, blue, and red. The soundcore dual drivers within the speaker are known for their full-bodied sound delivery and high performance. The battery life is said to be 24-hour long with a 500-songs playtime.

The connectivity is fast with Bluetooth 4.2, offering a range of about 66 ft. In all, the speaker is handy, lightweight, and ideal for usage in the house.


  • Crisp and full sound 
  • Easy and fast pairing
  • Great sound range
  • Turns off when not in use to save power


  • No Aux cord
  • Sound quality might deteriorate with low battery
  • Not much bass


  • Fast charge battery with a 40-hour backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.5mm jack for connectivity
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Compatible with a variety of devices from different brands

This 40W Bluetooth speaker is the modern-day boom box you’re looking for! It is a power-packed, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that comes in so many color variants. With a design that is meant for you to go, this is the best music companion for outdoor activities. It is powered by a battery of 10000 mAh that lasts way longer and can also be used as a power bank.

With a top-level waterproof design, this speaker is said to take up to 33 feet of immersion for 30 minutes. So, you can say, it is actually water-resistant! The sound quality is very rich and crisp with loud volume and booming bass.


  • Good-quality rich sound
  •  Great battery life
  • Easy to carry with a handle 
  • Easy pairing with other speakers 
  • Fast and easy setup


  • Sound quality deteriorates with low battery
  • Hard button controls 
  • Trouble with the volume control with Android devices 

8. AOMAIS Sport II 

  • Powerful clear and crisp sound
  • Compact and portable design
  • IPX7 Waterproof 
  • 15-hours battery life 
  •  Stereo Pairing Function 
  • Drop-resistant design 

This is another option of a drum throne with a round seat. The throne can be adjusted to a height of about 20” and has a capacity to hold about 25 lbs and more. It has very strong tripod legs with double-braces that have anti-slip rubber feet for extra stability and grip.

The seat of this throne is round and soft, with a diameter of 13 inches and a thickness of 3 inches. The legs of this throne are foldable for easy carriage and portability. It is from the 3000 series of Drum Workshop drum thrones and comes with Vise Memory. For a reasonable price, this is a great option for professional drummers, beginners, and even guitarists.


  • Tough and durable design
  •  Convenient to carry  
  • Easy and effortless connectivity 
  • Sling cover available 
  • Good battery life
  • Many color variants 


  • Trouble with control buttons 
  • No clear instructions manual

9. Kicker Bullfrog BF400   

Kicker Bullfrog BF400
  • Two-way speaker 
  • Easy carriage and portability 
  • Built-in FM tuner 
  • Dual connectivity 
  • 20-hour battery life 

If you’re looking for a small Bluetooth speaker with an interesting and handy design, this is the one to go! The Kicker Bullfrog stands out from other options with its unique driver design and quality features that it offers. What sets it apart from others is that this speaker offers speakers on both sides of the unit, giving you crisp and clear 360 degree surround sound. Each side of the speaker contains 3” full-range drivers that are powered by 20W amplifier, giving out loud and high-quality sound.

With the passive bass radiators, you get enhanced bass. You can also choose sound options from Kicker, Outdoor, Treble, and Flat with the option of sound customization. You can also play FM with the help of built-in FM tuner.


  • Louder sound with dual speakers 
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices 
  • Better battery backup than other variants


  • The corresponding app issues 
  • Heavyweight 

10. Marshall Stanmore II  

Marshall Stanmore II
  • Aesthetic and practical design 
  • Versatile speaker 
  • The quality trust of Marshall 
  • Loud and clear sound 
  • Customizable sound options

With the name as trustworthy as Marshall, this speaker is the most powerful Bluetooth speaker in the list. The speaker comes with Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology and can easily be connected with all Bluetooth-compatible devices. With clean and precise audio outlet the speaker claims to deliver ‘larger than life sound’ – an apt setup for any room and environment.

The sound can be easily customized with the Marshall Bluetooth app or the analogue controls available within the speaker. Along with the Bluetooth connectivity options, Marshall Stanmore II also comes with a 3.5mm jack for wired connections. With the unique multi-host feature, you can easily switch between two connected Bluetooth devices. 


  • Pleasing retro design 
  • Easy and useful app controls 
  • Excellent sound 
  • Ergonomic buttons and knobs 


  • Goes to standby within 20 minutes
  • May have trouble connecting with certain

With this, our list of the 10 loudest Bluetooth speakers to buy in 2020 comes to an end! All these options have been hand-picked by us based on the reviews by the actual users of these speakers. The list covers almost every type of good-quality Bluetooth speaker, in terms of usage, budget, quality, sound, and more! And this brings us to all the features you must consider, when you’re buying a speaker.

Things you must look for in a Bluetooth speaker

To help you make the perfect decision, we have enlisted some aspects that you can consider before buying the best speaker from the list. These aspects together make an effective buying guide. So, let’s have a look!

  • Size and Weight

Bluetooth speakers are known for being wireless and portable. So, size and weight matter a lot more than you might think. This is because even if your Bluetooth speaker is wireless if it is heavy and bulky like SOUNDBOKS 2, it limits the usage to a certain type of users only. Not everyone is comfortable carrying a heavyweight speaker everywhere they go, especially if they have to travel in public transports. So, this is a big constraint to look for. 

  • Frequency and Sound Quality

The frequency response of a speaker is measured in Hertz (Hz). There is a certain range of frequency offered by a Bluetooth speaker. It is best to go for the speaker that provides a wider range of frequency response. This is because the wider the range, the better will be the quality of audio or sound. 

You can learn from user reviews about the sound quality delivered by the speaker. Always pick the one that promises clear, crisp, and loud sound. A powerful Bluetooth speaker can be judged based on the frequency and quality of sound it offers. 

  • Connectivity 

 The other major aspect is the connectivity of your Bluetooth speaker. When you’re looking for Bluetooth speakers, considering he Bluetooth version is a must. This is basically like considering the version of Android when buying an Android phone. The speakers with the latest versions of Bluetooth are the best purchase as they offer all the latest connectivity options and other features. The latest Bluetooth version as of now is Bluetooth 5.0. 

Along with this, also look for other connectivity options with non-Bluetooth devices like some old cars. Go for speakers that come with the option of Aux cord. 

Another aspect that needs to be covered here is a speaker’s connectivity with another speaker. There are so many options offering dual pairing for home theatre experience and there are many others that allow compatibility with AI assistants like Alexa. So, look for something that is smart and offers these features as well. 

  • Battery Backup 

Bluetooth speakers are used to avoiding wires and if you have to keep it plugged to a charger all the time – what’s the point of buying one? So, always check what kind of battery a speaker has and what kind of battery life it is offering in a single charge. 

Our list includes all kinds of options when it comes to battery life. Where some offer the best of battery – along with acting as a power bank as well – the others might need a recharge after some hours of playing. So, considering your usage, you can make a choice. 

There are so many different manufacturers claiming the best of battery life their speaker can offer. Pick the one that genuinely comes with a good battery life. 

  • Features 

Additional features are what steal the show for a speaker. A speaker with good sound quality can lag behind from a speaker that offers normal sound quality but comes with a handle to carry it around! So, that is what good features can do to a product – they add to its value. 

Look for a speaker that offers features matching your requirements. Customizable sound options, easy controls, easy portability, and any other extended features can be considered before making your choice. 

With smart devices in the picture, there are speakers that offer easy connectivity and control through mobile apps. So, if that is something you would try, pick such a smart option. 

  • Price 

Last, but always the most important point to consider. Your budget for the speaker will ultimately make the decision for you. If you don’t have the budget for a Marshall, you will not buy it even if it offers you the best of quality! So, consider your budget and filter out your options as per their price. Pick the one that matches your budget along with all the other requirements you have! 

So, this was all about the best large Bluetooth speakers and the small ones. Take all these points, options, and reviews into consideration before you buy one. Bluetooth speakers are available in a great variety in the markets today but choosing the best one is a real struggle. The key is to pick a speaker that has a combination of everything you desire. Sure, there might be certain points to make a compromise with but you will still find the best one. 

We hope all this information turns out to be helpful for you to make the right decision in the end! Cheers!