6 Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers in 2019

As an artist, you will have a lot to focus on when you are creating your work. The last thing you need is distractions or disturbances of any kind. A drummer who is an important part of any band needs to focus on playing in order to maintain integrity during a performance. It requires keen attention, focus, and dedicated efforts, and hence ear monitors which cancel out any distraction are always a good idea.

In-ear monitors are one of the best items you can invest in during your performance. While the crowd screams and chants, you need to maintain your focus and give it your best in performance. So what are in-ear monitors? They are basically half headphones and half earphones which have special features to support you during the performance. Their basic function is to balance the music mix on stage and yet at the same time provide protection against loud noises.

We are here to help you choose one, as we have gone through in-ear monitor reviews to curate the best ones in the market for your easy reference. 



LyxPro ERP-10 In-Ear Monitors 

If you are a passionate audiophile this LyxPro ERP-10 in-ear monitors packs in a lot of features which will ensure that your stage performances are off the charts. This in-ear monitor has a high sound quality, great bass and upgraded treble and is reliable. What is also great about this set is that you can just pop it into your hi-fi buds wherever you are and rock away. It also comes with 6 pairs of tips which means that you can easily fit one on according to your comfort and preference.

It has great sound isolation which means that you can cancel out the disturbance and focus on a clearer voice reproduction at a safe listening volume. These LyxPro In-ear monitors are preferred by both musicians and those who enjoy music due to the many features the product comes with.

The speaker sensitivity for the product ranges from 94+/- 3 dB and the frequency ranges between 20Hz-20kHz giving a wide spectrum for the performing artists.

This pair of in-ear monitors makes an excellent gift for a budding or a veteran musician. Keeping it in the compact little pouch, it comes with will ensure you always have it handy. 


  •  It has complete noise cancellation
  • It has convenient cables which do not snag or get tangled
  • It comes with 6 pairs of replaceable tips
  • It comes with a case which is nice and compact
  • It comes with enhanced HD sound
  • It is great for on-stage or in studio performance


  • The cables are not very long 


KZ ZS10 Wired in-Ear Noise Is​olating Earphone

Listening to the different blend of instruments and keeping track of the time is integral to the role of a drummer. In order to deliver an energy-packed performance either on stage or in a studio, you as a musician must have access to clear, sonorous music. This KZ ZS10 comes with amazing 1 dynamic driver and 4 balanced armature hybrid driver in one side of the earphone and 4 balanced armatures rich to strengthen the bass, sense of the quality of music.

This pair of in-ear monitors is designed for professionals and use a professional frequency division to realize the low, medium and high frequency reasonable. It has detachable 0.75MM 2 PIN cables which can be removed from the earphone itself. The shape of the in-ear monitors is also designed in such a way that it fits comfortably in the ear and does not fall or slide off. The IEMs also come in a bright red color. If you are recording a set in a studio where you are expected to listen to the clear voice, then this headphone provides the perfect noise cancellation without losing out the quality of the audio output. So, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor performances.


  •  It works across many frequencies 
  • It has braided cables which are durable.
  • It comes with detachable wires
  • It is designed for complete noise cancellation
  • It has an armature hybrid drive which ensures fantastic sound quality 


  • It does not come with a case 


Westone UM Pro 30  

budget iem

These Westone UM Pro 30 universal in-ear monitors are versatile and suitable not only for drummers but for all musicians. It has many features including complete noise cancellation and powerful sound. The audio reproduction inside the ear on this product is exceptional. It comes with rich bass and also has a better treble than many of the other products in the market. It has a compact and ergonomically designed profile which means that it can perform in any environment without loss of comfort. You can play music for hours at a stretch without feeling the slightest discomfort. The silicone comfort-foam ear-tips enhance the performance. It is light-weight and flexible and has MMCX Audio connectors and a 3.5 mm stereo plug. It is extremely durable and can be taken on tours, and it has a braided texture to help reduce friction and also cable noise.

It packs the power of triple-balanced armature drivers with a three-way crossover. It also comes with impact resistance which means that it can withstand some tension and rough usage. There is also a protective case that comes along with it which means that if you are traveling, you can safely tuck away your in-ear monitors.


  • It has complete noise isolation
  • It has braided cables which do not snag


  • None 


MEE audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation in-Ear Monitors

noise isolating iem

These clear detachable cables MEE audio M6 Pro universal in-ear monitors are a favourite among many musicians due to the universal fit it provides without a lot of adjustments. It is one of the best looking in-ear monitors in the market with clear cables which are detachable from the earphones. It is the 2nd generation in-ear monitors from the company which means that it has a superiority quality output when it comes to sound. The noise cancellation feature has also received an upgrade.

The earphones are engineered to have all day comfort with an over-the-ear fit. This also means that when you are performing live on stage, the earphones do not slip off. It also has detachable and replaceable cables. It also is designed to be sweat resistant. These in-ear monitors have a memory foam which adds an extra layer for noise isolation. It has a braided pattern on the cables which means that it is more durable and can handle tension. It also comes with regular stereo cable, headset cable and a protective case which can be used during travelling.


  • It is designed for power-packed performances
  • It also has a regular stereo cable apart from a crystal one


  • None 


BASN Bsinger BC100 ​ 

Noise Cancelling Earphone

If you have any intense performance coming up, then one of the key things for a drummer in the performance is not to have a fidgety ear monitor. These adjustable ear hook in-ear monitors are perfect for a long and exhilarating performance. For drummers, since there is a lot of physical movement involved, this needs to stay in the same place. These in-ear monitors also have been designed for long-lasting wear which means that you can comfortably wear them for hours with no issues.

The BASN Bsinger headphones also come in a variety of colours. It has high definition speakers with neodymium magnets to create beautiful crisp sound. It can also be used daily when you go for a run or workout, too. It has MMCX connectors, which means you can easily replace the cables. It comes with various-sized silicone ear tips which can fit any ears snugly and create a blocked space. The noise cancellation reaches a range of 35db making it easy for you to deliver your electrifying performance. The 3.5 mm jack is standard and is compatible with most systems. 


  •  It has micro speakers with neodymium magnets
  • It has convenient cables which do not snag or get tangled
  • It has an adjustable ear hook which fits securely
  • Comes in multitude of colours 


  • It does not come with a case
  • It does not come with replaceable tips 


SIMGOT EN700 PRO High Fidelity Professional IEM Earphones

SIMGOT EN700 PRO High Fidelity in-Ear Monitor Headphones

Looking for a super reliable and durable music buddy to tune into your music anytime and anywhere? The SIMGOT EN700 PRO can be the best pick! This high-fidelity in-ear monitor pair of headphones has the quality that is meant to last for a long time.

Built into an all-aluminum housing, these earphones have 10mm single dynamic driver with 101 dB sensitivity, frequency response of 15 Hz-40 Hz, and 16 ohms of impedance. These headphones are compatible with Android devices like tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, and other devices that have a standard 3.5 mm jack.

The package includes two spare silicone ear tips in different colors so that you can customize your headphones just the way you like them. The tuning silicone tips are also of different types – set 1 is for powerful high-frequency sounds and set 2 is for superior sound, comfort, and enhanced bass. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these headphones:



  •  Natural sound with high-quality bass and treble
  • High-resolution ear buds 
  • Very comfortable, can wear it for hours
  • Dynamic and aesthetic design 
  • Value for money 
  • Noise isolation available 


  • Detachable buds can be easily lost
  • No microphone available 
  • Difficult to achieve product support 

Things to Consider before buying In - Ear Monitors

You should consider several things before picking up an in-ear monitoring headphones. In-ear monitors give artists the opportunity to perform on stage or in a studio by eliminating any stage volume which makes it easier to mix music. The mechanism used by the in-ear monitors (IEMs) is that it shuts out the ambient noise but locks your ears into an acoustic bliss where you can concentrate on the instruments and the music being played. It goes directly into the ear which means that you move around freely and perform without worries.

Before you buy in-ear monitors, here is a buying guide that gives you tips on what to look for:

  1. It needs to have dependable sound isolation
  2. Replaceable tips if possible
  3. It must be easy to remove from the ear
  4. It must have strong resistant cable wires of sufficient length
  5. Good quality and durable 

Apart from the must-haves mentioned above, a few other essential things that one must consider before picking up an in-ear monitor are:

Over the ear monitors Vs Straight in-ear monitors

This is a completely preference driven choice. Over the ear, monitors are the ones that go over the ear and wrap themselves and stay in place during an intensive performance.

Similarly, the straight in-ear monitors also go directly into the ears and come with long durable cables. Initially, some people feel more comfortable with straight ear monitors as opposed to over-the-ear, but it depends on what you like. Both of them have good sound isolation, long wires and good microphones, so it’s a good idea to try on both before deciding.

Ear tips

Most in-ear monitors come with different types of ear-tips so that it can be customized as per preference. There is a choice of material when it comes to ear tips, and you can pick between silicone and foam. Both types of ear tips have their pros and cons, and it depends on the usage as well. While foam ear tips provide higher isolation, they are denser and cannot handle sweat well, whereas silicone ear tips do not provide as much isolation as foam ones and are lighter.

Removable Cables

At a certain price, IEMs come with removable cables. This has several advantages. If the cables go bad, you can remove them and change to new ones. You can also make the cables longer or shorter when you have removable ones. Also, you can use the IEMs with a Bluetooth transceiver or create an inline remote for an iPhone if you have IEMS with removable cables.


Each IEM has what are called drivers that are like tiny loudspeakers in the IEM headphones, and they convert electric signals into sound. Just like regular speakers, more drivers mean better sound. This is because several drivers together can cover a broader range of frequency so that the sound is crystal clear. Three drivers are ideal on an IEM as you would then get a 3-way system with speakers for all three frequencies- high, middle, and low. This way, you get amazing clarity and deep bass.

Custom mould Vs Universal Fit

Another thing you need to look at while buying IEMs is whether you want a universal fit or a customized model that fist the shape of your ear canals exactly. Custom-molded IEMs are pricier than the global fit models. They also involve going to an audiologist to make impressions of your ear canal so that the IEMs can be custom-molded to that shape. 


Being a drummer, you alone can understand the importance and weight of keeping a steady beat and matching the rhythm during a performance. A drummer’s role can make or break a band during a show, and you cannot afford to be distracted by anything. One of the most critical roles of a drummer is not only to keep time but also know what’s going on with the other instruments and this high level of synchronicity can be achieved with an in-ear monitor.

A hunt for the perfect in-ear monitor can be daunting and tiresome. With this well-thought-out list, we hope your research gets easy, and you are able to identify the right in-ear monitor for your needs from the ones available in the market.