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40 Best Drum Gifts: A Curated List of Best gifts for drummers

Finding a great gift for drummers can get a little tricky if you’re not a drummer yourself or you’re new to the music scene. Come to think of it, what do drummers love more other than their drums? People who give them drumming accessories or related gifts! There are dozens of gift choices you can pick from to present to a drummer, whether it is something as simple as a damper pad or an electronic percussion kit, they would highly appreciate anything you can gift them. Since there is nearly an endless assortment of drumming items to sift through, we’ve made the task easy for you by picking the best of those. Whether it’s a Christmas gift for a friend, or a birthday gift for a person you know in your circles, or your boyfriend/ girlfriend who’s in a band, this guide is an extensive list of gift ideas for drummers.


Bass Drum Hoop Protector

Metal Hoop Protector

If you’re looking for a low budget gift item for a drummer, this one is quite a useful thing, the importance of which can be easily overlooked. During use, the bass drum pedal can damage the bass drum hoops as it slides about where it attaches to the hoop. A hoop protector sits in between the hoop and the pedal to stop the motion and protect both of these things from wear and tear and hence extending their life. But first, you need to check your friend’s drum to confirm if the hoops are wooden or metal to pick the right protector.


Moongel Damper Pads

Moongel Damper Pads

Damper pads are a useful tool to control the vibrational property of drums or cymbals. They are small sticky pads that sit on top of the drums and control some of the ringings to change how it sounds. Sticking a small one has a minor effect, and a bunch of them can really change how the drum sounds. If your drummer friend is improvising by using gum tape to get the same effect, this is just the perfect gift you can give them. Since sticky tape can leave behind a residue, these Moongels are perfect for the job.


Stick Control Book

stick control

Rookie drummers you may know will find this book highly useful. Although it was originally published in 1985, its contents remain relevant even today. It’s the go-to reference for any drummer looking to improve his skill and comes as highly recommended across guides, articles and many forums. The book is over 40 pages and contain over a 100 stick exercises that will help drummers build stick control, speed and concept of timing.


Zildjian cutting board

What are drummers doing when they’re not drumming? They’re thinking of drumming! They like being reminded of their drums wherever they are, so if you know a drummer who also loves to cook, this cutting board is just the perfect gift for them.


Drummer’s Towel

Every drummer gets hot and sweaty performing on stage or in practice jams. A drummer’s towel is the perfect gift to the rescue of your drummer who tends to get soaked while performing all the time. It’s a tad more stylish to use a drummer’s towel than an ordinary one to keep themselves dry. The towels come with a convenient hook on one corner allowing it to be hung anywhere on the drum kit for easy access. As a bonus, the towel can be used to cover a drum to muffle some of the sounds for special effects.


Promark Classic 5A FireGrain Drumsticks

Drumsticks are something drummers can never have enough of, which makes them the ideal gift for any drummer. The drumsticks come in different ranges depending on the style of music played. Thinner sticks like 5A are suited for quieter music such as jazz, acoustic rock etc. 5B stick is for music styles that are a little louder. If your drummer is a hard-hitter and breaks sticks often, consider the 2B size and the FireGrain range of drumsticks that are flame treated for extra durability by ProMark.


String Swing Drum Stick Holder

A broken drumstick during a live gig is as close as it gets to a nightmare for a drummer. If you’ve ever seen how drummers go off beat when it happens, you will understand the difference a little stick holder like this can make. All serious and professional drummers have spare drumsticks with them in a holder close by. This one from String Swing blends smoothly into the hardware and clips on easily to most stands.


Pearl PTT13 Drum Key Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are extremely useful for all drummers as they have every tool they need. The Pearl PTT13 Drum Key Multi-Tool futures a range of different screwdrivers, hex (Allen) keys, a drum key for setting up and tuning and more. Made out of high-quality alloy, it is built to last for a long time. Having this multi-tool during a gig is priceless as equipment failures are unpredictable and you’ll need a handy tool to fix it quickly. If they don’t already have one, this multi-tool can make the perfect gift for your drummer.


Mini Finger Drum Set Touch Drumming

Perfect as a display on your drummer’s work desk, this finger triggered drum kit is a fun gift for those obsessed with drumming. The battery operated drum kit is not too loud, but fun to play with when the drummer is kept too long away from his drums. It also features an in-built recording mode that saves your drum solo which can be played back.


Big Fat Snare Drum

Big Fat Snare Drum Snare Drum Head

The Big Fat Snare Drum is an ingenious device that gets low, fat and deep sounds out of the drum without returning it. They are placed on top of the snare drum in order to muffle the higher pitched, and ringing sounds coming out of the drum. Knowing what sounds your drummer is looking for helps a little in choosing the right one as these come in different types that give a varying degree of sound change. Being easily removable for both studio and live performance, they are a great gift item.



Big Fat Snare Drum Snare Drum Head

Similar to drumsticks, drumheads are accessories drummers can never have enough of. Over time they wear out and change the sound of the drums; therefore it’s a good idea to have different sets of these for different shows. The range of available drumheads is enormous, and you need to know about them a little before making a purchase. Therefore if you’re unsure of the size of the drums, get a snare drum head to be on the safe side. Drummers can always use an extra snare drum head.


Zildjian Drummers Survival Kit

Survival kits are a must-have for drummers who play live shows. The Zildjian Drummers Survival Kit packs everything drummers need for live gigs- spare snare wire strings, cymbal felts and sleeves, washers and a drumhead repair patch. The kit can make all the difference when they hit a show stopper; like a snare or bass drumhead breaking mid-show. There are other survival kits in the market, but Zildjian’s version is the only one featuring a drumhead repair patch. This kit can make for a great gift for your drummer before he goes on a big gig.


Snareweight M80

The snareweight is an amazing little gadget used by drummers to flatten out the ringing and higher pitched sounds and create warmer fatter snare drum sound. It goes on top of the drum and can be installed or removed easily. As well as making the snare drums sound good, they also look good on the equipment. The Snareweight M80 is slick with patented magnetic clips that securely attach it to any sized drum hoop. It comes with four settings to give a wide range of snare sound options to choose from. As a gift, it’s perfect for drummers who are just starting out.


On-Stage DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat

Drummers are quite used to playing on their carpeted floor that keeps their drum set well in their place. But there are times when they arrive at a venue and find there is no carpet to set up. On smooth floors such as wood or tiles, the lack of traction causes the drums to move around- which are a nightmare to deal with in the middle of a song. The On-Stage DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat gives you a 6X4 ft of floor space to sturdily set up the drums. They are also highly portable.


ProMark Transport Deluxe Drumstick Bag

A new drumstick bag is never a bad idea to gift a drummer, they may already have one, but the ProMark Transport Deluxe Drumstick Bag is too good to pass up. Every drummer knows this is the best drumstick bag out there. It comes with some great additional features that drummers would love. Not only is the bag good looking but has plenty of space for drumsticks, brushes and mallets as well. It also has easy-access pockets to store things like your phone, wallet, keys etc.


On-Stage DrumFire Drum Set Dust Cover

While functioning to keep dust and moisture off the drums, drum kit dust covers also protect the drums during live events, especially between performances and sound checks. These covers are specifically designed to protect drum kits and have weighted corners to ensure they stay in the same place. These dust covers are great gifts for drummers who have just started with live shows. Since their budgets are already over-run with critical items, a durable dust cover like this will be greatly appreciated.


Drum Stick Display Case 

Every drummer will have that one special set of drumsticks they adore, and there’s no better case than this to display them. This drumstick display case is made to order and offers a choice of 11 colors for the frame, with a smooth black inner mat. The drumsticks are held in place with clear elastic tapes, and the case opens from the back. If your drummer owns a stick that belonged to a favorite drummer or has sticks autographed by one, then this is the perfect gift for them.


Zildjian 22" Gig Cymbal Bag

A cymbal bag is essential when you’re moving the drum kit around for shows, both to protect the cymbals from damage and to make your life easier. A good quality cymbal bag is a useful gift for drummers commuting to recording studios, rehearsals or shows. The Zildjian 22" Gig Cymbal Bag has a carry handle as well as back straps so that you can wear it like a backpack. The bag has three inner sleeves to act as dividers to avoid the cymbals from rubbing against each other while travelling.


Pearl P930 Demonator Bass Drum Pedal

The Pearl P930 Demonator Bass Drum Pedal is one of the best pedals out there for its price. It’s an excellent gift to give a drummer who might be using old or cheap pedals. It is a highly versatile bass drum pedal with some great features that make it stand out from the rest. The pedal has an adjustable footboard, interchangeable cams, frictionless roller, dual surface beater and many more features. To top that off, the build quality is excellent and feels surprisingly smooth under the feet.


ChromaCast Pro Series 14-inch Snare Drum Bag

A good quality snare drum bag is an essential item for drummers when they move between rehearsals, recordings and gigs. Even when they are provided with a ‘housekit’ by the events they are playing for, drummers tend to get their own snare drums. The ChromaCast Pro Series 14-inch Snare Drum Bag is a nice gift to give a drummer as it has a great build quality and comes with extra pockets to store sticks, a spare drumhead and music books. It’s also worthwhile to note the bag was designed by legendary drummer Vinny Appice along with drummers Joey Wester and Joe Fuoco.


Tama Rhythm Watch RM200

Insert Image

Learning how to play with a metronome is a skill all drummers need to pick on as early as possible. However, for many, their first metronome experience would be in a studio recording session. Often drummers play terribly when they have no experience with it, and the sound engineer hands them one. If your drummer doesn’t already have one, a drumming metronome is an excellent gift for them. The Tama Rhythm Watch RM200 with its multitude of features is perfect for drummers to build good timing, speed and accuracy.


Shure SE215 Isolating In-Ear Monitors

Noise isolating earphones like the Shure SE215 are hugely popular among musicians. Live shows and drumming are loud; therefore adequate protection is needed to keep the ears safe. Along with it, drummers need to be able to listen to a metronome to keep up with the rhythm. The SE215 comes with a replaceable cable which is an excellent feature as cables are the first thing to break on any earphones. As a bonus, the SE215 can also be used as regular earphones to listen to music on the go.


Pro Tec Hardware Bag

Pro Tec CP205WL Protec CP205WL

Any drummer who has been to performances with their own equipment know that drum hardware weigh a lot and carrying them in and out of shows is the least fun part of being a drummer. It’s critical to have a good quality bag to carry all that stuff around, especially to take the pressure off the arms and back. If your drummer has to lug their own hardware around, this bag will be a great gift for them. This monster bag has great build quality and capacity to store 5 stands, pedals, a throne and much more. The wheels come as an awesome bonus to avoid carrying it over flat surfaces.


Pro Tec Multi-Tom Bag with Wheels 

Multi-Tom Drum Bag with Wheels by Protec, Model CP200WL

Drummers who play a lot of shows know the pain of needing all the extra hands they can get to move everything in and out of the venue. Typically each drum has its own case, but this bag by Pro Tec can carry 4 drums to make life easier. If the drummer has a standard size kit, there’s enough space for 3 drums. If the drum kit is on the smaller end, the bag should easily fit 4. There are built-in padded spacers to keep the drums safe and large pockets for storing tom legs and other accessories. The best feature of the bag is probably its wheels that make transportation smooth.


Korg Volca Beats Analogue Drum Machine

Korg Volca Beats Analog Rhythm Machine

Drummers looking to expand their range and styles of sound will find the Korg Volca Beats Analogue Drum Machine delightful as a gift. This little machine can be used with an acoustic drum kit or entirely on its own. It has a great range of sound manipulation features and can sequence and record patterns even when performing live. The drum machine is a joy to use and a perfect gift for any drummer.


Alesis SamplePad 4

Alesis Sample Pad 4

The Alesis SamplePad 4 is a fantastic electronic drum pad for drummers looking to experiment with something new. Combined with an acoustic kit, it can give an endless variety of new sounds and ideas to try. The SamplePad features 4 dual-trigger drum pads which enable them to play the pad’s built-in drum kits or load samples of their own. Drummers can add their own samples via USB and store it all on an SD card loaded into the device. The SamplePad is a great gift that will enable your drummer to add more variety to their sound and performance.


Zildjian Rolling Cymbal Vault

Zildjian 24 Rolling Cymbal Vault

We’ve seen carry bags for cymbals before, but for the ultimate protection, not many come close to beating the Zildjian Rolling Cymbal Vault. If your drummer has spent a little fortune on a good collection of cymbals, this vault is a fantastic gift for them to store their precious cymbals without damage. A hard case like this is a better option than soft cymbal bags when moving around for shows and gigs. The Zildjian Rolling Cymbal Vault can store cymbals in sizes up to 24 inches in diameter and is designed for excellent protection from external damage. It has other features such as wheels for easy transport and foam cymbal dividers for extra protection.


Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne

Insert Image

A good, adjustable drum throne is just as essential as every other major component of a drum kit. Not only does it determine a drummer’s reach but will also avoid back problems and leg pain when used with the appropriate setting. The Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne is the best seat available in the market for the price and its great features. The throne is easy to adjust with a quick pull lever, and the seat is very comfortable. Gas shock absorbers offer a little bounce and take away the loads that might otherwise cause back problems in the long run.


Pearl TB001 Overtone Labs Tune-Bot

Pearl PMTD9AKB692 9 Note Tongue Drum Ake Bono

Beginner and intermediate drummers would find a drum tuner super-useful as tuning drums is a difficult process and not to mention, time-consuming. The Tune-bot is a cool gadget that makes tuning drums faster, which means they spend more time drumming and less time tuning. The tuner measures and saves the tuning setting of drums and allows them to tune their drums to specific notes. The saved setting can help the drummer get back to their perfect sound quickly whenever they need it. This is a cool gift for a drummer who is just starting out, and to top it off; it’s used by many of the top drummers around the world.


Gibraltar 5700 Hardware Package

Insert Image

A hardware upgrade is always fun, especially if your drummer has been playing on some old equipment that is starting to fall apart. Upgrades for drum hardware can include hi-hat stands, cymbals, pedals and snare stand. Old hardware can be highly unreliable and difficult to adjust. A set of new ones makes practising, recording and gigging a lot more comfortable. The Gibraltar 5700 Hardware Package can be a wonderful gift for your drummer to upgrade.


Jumbie Jam Steel Drum

Insert Image

This steel drum sounds like a very different instrument and is a fun gift for a drummer who likes to explore and experiment with new sounds. The drum is easy to learn and play even by the standards of children. Since the notes are clearly labeled on the drum itself, there’s no need to go through the manual before playing it.


Roland Rmp-5 Rhythm Coach

Insert Image

When it comes to practice pads, the Roland Rhythm Coach is one of the best there is. While it’s great for all drummers to practice, it is especially suited for a drum corps drummers or a marching drummer to perfect their accuracy, speed and rudiments. If you’re considering a practice pad gift for your drummer, the Roland RMP-5 is a great one to start with.


Pearl Snare Drum

Insert Image

For the offbeat creative types who like to explore new things, the pearl snare drum can make for an interesting gift. This is also referred to as an idiopan, a handpan or a tank drum. There are many variations of this instrument based on size and pitch. The sounds they make are often described as ‘soothing’, ‘calming’ and ‘sensual’.


Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum

Insert Image

The Ludwig Acrolite is a classic; it’s affordable and comes from makers who have a 50-year-old history of producing drums for great drummers of all time. For a drummer looking for an upgrade, this snare drum from Acrolite is a wonderful gift. It is affordable, versatile, responsive and of high quality build. The Acrolite has been one of the top choices for all drummers, including professionals which place it among the most used by drummers of all skill levels.


Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum

Insert Image

Considered one of the most desirable snare drums ever made, you can be sure to see the Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum on your drummer’s most-wanted drum list. Coming from one of the most respected brands in the industry, this snare drum is highly revered for its impeccable looks, top-quality craftsmanship and its amazing sound which can be tuned to blend perfectly into any style of music. As far as drum gifts go, this is one of the most delightful ones out there.


Zildjian A Series Cymbal Set

Insert Image

It’s common drummer wisdom that upgrading cymbals to a professional-quality set will significantly change the overall drum sound. A top-notch cymbal pack is, therefore, a perfect gift for a drummer who is going pro. Zildjian has some top-quality selections. These cymbals are specifically matched to go with the others. The ranges offered by these custom cymbals are used by many professionals drummers worldwide both live and in the studio.

Some ideas to consider while choosing gifts for drummer boyfriend


Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs

Insert Image

Drums and live performances are loud; there is no way around it. Hearing protection is the only solution to ensure a drummer’s ears are functional after years of playing. The Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs are perfectly designed for live performances that cut the volume down across all frequencies evenly. These high-quality earplugs offer an accurate sound representation while reducing the volume levels to protect the ears. This is a perfect gift for your drummer boyfriend who frequents gigs and live music if you don’t want him to have hearing damage a few years down the line.


Zildjian Cymbal Clock

Insert Image

Musicians are a passionate bunch, what better gifts can you give them than something that reflects their love for what they do. Try the Zildjian Cymbal Clock, a wall clock that is made out of an actual Zildjian cymbal that can make for a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend. The cymbal clock is wall mountable and is powered by a battery. It’s a unique piece to hang on his music room or bedroom, and the best of all, your boyfriend will always be on time!


Drumlite Dual LED Banded Lighting Kit for Drums

Insert Image

Even when your boyfriend has all the gear he needs for his performances, you can always find something to kick it up a notch- gift him a set of drum kit lights. This Drumlite kit has everything needed to turn any drum kit into an amazing visual experience. What’s cooler is there’s no need to solder, drill or cutting off the drum frames to install the lights. This wireless remote control kit is also expandable for add-ons and is sure to make your drummer’s band stand out on stage.


Roland SPD-SX Electronic Percussion Pad

Insert Image

If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line electronic pads to gift your boyfriend, the Roland SPD-SX is among the best drum pads money can buy. The SPD-SX is Roland’s flagship product and is used by countless professionals worldwide. Whether your drummer boyfriend wants to experiment or needs an add-on to his existing acoustic drum kit, the drum pad offers endless possibilities. Suited for drummers of all style, this is one gift that is sure to blow him away.


This list will give you a pretty good idea about all the things you can gift to a drummer you know in your circles. The ideal way to go about picking an item it is to get to know the equipment they have, how far they are into their drumming career/hobby and what they might be lacking. If not, look for what’s worn out and gift them a replacement. If you still have doubts about what to gift, all you need to do is ask what they want!