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The Best Drum Throne [2020] Reviews

“Drummers know they are kings and queens and, they get to sit on thrones!”Well, that might sound a bit cheesy but that is a fact! Drum thrones are a thing and if you don’t know what they are – they are the chair or stool that drummers sit on, while they are playing the drums. […]

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Buying Drumming Gear: The Best Cymbal Stands to Buy

“Then God said, let there be drummers and the devil ran in fear.”Well, that quote is as badass as a drummer absorbed in his practice routine. For a professional drummer or a drumming enthusiast, a drumming kit is quite a big deal. From practicing at home to performing on stage, their entire kit needs to be […]

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7 Best Practice Drum Pad you Must Consider! [2020]

“Seemed to me that drumming was the best way to get close to God” – Lionel Hampton Well, that passion smells like something and we bet that every budding drummer has that sort of energy in them! However, with drums being one of the loudest musical instruments, it is crucial for drummers to take care […]

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6 Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers in 2020

As an artist, you will have a lot to focus on when you are creating your work. The last thing you need is distractions or disturbances of any kind. A drummer who is an important part of any band needs to focus on playing in order to maintain integrity during a performance. It requires keen […]

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