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Best Earplugs for Musicians [2020 Reviews]

A career in music is a great and rewarding thing to do. Performing without protecting the ears is a bad gamble and no one should ever risk it. We have seen many people perform without taking precautionary measures and it can have serious repercussions.  When we are exposed to loud music, our hearing degrades over time. […]

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Best open back headphones for gaming [2020 Reviews]

Gaming has taken over the world in a big way, with plenty of innovations making it the most expensive market in the world. With revenues expected to hit $230 billion by 2022, games and their related accessories are always going to improve to the highest standards of quality possible. Whether its CPUs being upgraded to […]

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Best Portable Radios for Home and Outdoors [2020 Reviews]

Despite the advancements in smartphones bringing music and videos to us in a sleek package, the humble radio still finds its place among the entertainment favourites of all people. The nostalgic component of the radio set and the fun of listening to a radio station cannot be matched by any podcasts, music playlists or app-based […]

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Have a look at Best Voice Amplifiers [2020 Reviews]

We use our voice to interact daily with our peers. If you’re a classroom teacher or anyone who has to talk often to the crowds, the background noises may sometimes muffle up your voice. Add to that the constant strain on your voice box from flexing those vocal cords too much and you have a […]

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