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8 Best Turntable Speakers for Vinyl Record Players [2021 Reviews]

Vintage is the new modern and the same can be seen by the latest trends and inclination of people towards old, vintage, and retro things! For those who have a retro side to them, Vinyl records are still very much in vogue and are a unique way to listen to some old classic tunes! With the comeback of vinyl record players lately in the modern world of music, it gets easier for such people to buy a good-quality vinyl record player for them! 

Now, while some like to bring the old-school vinyl players back to life, the others are buying new ones for chasing their love for retro! Though there are some constraints pertaining to features, functions, and controls, the old players are still the best for listening to the warm and vintage songs. 

Whether you call it a vinyl player, a record player, or a turntable, no matter what you call it, you can only have the best experience with the best speakers for vinyl. There is a wide range of speakers that can be used with these record players and I have been conducting a fair amount of research on the best options I’ve come across so far. 

The warmth and retro quality of a record player deserve well-matched audio outlet. This is why it gets a little crucial to choose nothing but the best when it comes to picking a speaker for your record player. With some in-depth research, I zeroed my search down to a few best ones. All these options have been picked based on their performance, features, and reviews given by users. So, let’s have a look at the top picks! 

TOP RATED Best Speakers for Record Player – An Exhaustive List 

1. Polk Audio T15 

Polk Audio T15

A set of two 100 watt speakers, the Polk Audio T15 is genuine-quality bookshelf speakers, and along with the entire bundle, they are best for home theatre experience. The speakers come with 1 Tweeter of 0.75” and one Dynamic Balance Driver of 5.25” for a natural surround sound. The Dolby and DTS sound of these speakers is well-balanced, and they produce great bass even when the frequencies are very low.

You can easily mount this pair of speakers on the wall or use them as bookshelf speakers as part of the entire sound bundle. No matter how you use them, they are very capable of turning your sound system into a home theatre setup. At an affordable price, these are great speakers for your vinyl player.


  • Super-clear sound 
  • Part of a whole home theatre system 
  • Accurate full-range reproduction 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Amazing sound considering the small size 


  • Can be too sharp at certain frequencies 
  • Bass lacks punch 
  • Designed for rear speakers 

2. Presonus Eris E3

Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5

Another pair of speakers that make a quality studio monitor, flaunting an industrial design. These speakers are quite versatile and can be used with different setups – vinyl record players, music players, gaming consoles, personal computers, and more! So, these are a great investment for you.

They come with 3.5” woven composite drivers that produce powerful bass and clear sound, along with acoustic tuning. The crossover frequency of these speakers is 2.8 kHz, giving an accurate overall sound. Easy to connect with all setups and devices, these speakers are a great investment for every music lover out there. With an aesthetic design and high-quality loud sound, this is a must-buy!


  • Near-field monitors producing authentic audios
  • Boosted bass and treble response 
  • Accurate sound stage 
  • Acoustic tuning helps adjust the sound as per the environment
  • Professional design and look


  • Mediocre cables 
  • Produces static sound at times 
  • Poor instructions 

3. Micca PB24X 

Micca PB42X

Another set of bookshelf speakers, this pair for Micca comes with a balanced 4” carbon fiber woofer, helping you produce intensified transient and powerful bass. The speaker also has a high-performance silk dome tweeter of 0.75”. 

The highly-optimized fiber-filled crossover gives out the best dynamic sound with a great range. The Class-D amplifier is inbuilt with power of 15WX2. In all, this speaker is a bang for the buck and is a great companion for your vinyl record player. 


  • Aesthetic design 
  • Sturdy built
  • Small and handy size 
  • Surprisingly good sound 


  • Light cabinet resonates with high volumes
  • Lack of lower mid-range
  • Tinny sound 

4. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers 2.0 

Edifier R1280T

These bookshelf speakers are another hit in the list with studio sound quality, a remote control, and an expensive design with a wood finish. The Edifier set of speakers come with dual AUX and RCA output and can easily be connected with any device with a 3.5mm jack in it. This makes these speakers universal and ideal for your vinyl record player. Two devices can be plugged in the speakers at the same time. 

The sound of these powerful speakers is powered by 13mm silk dome tweeter and a 4” unit. With a clear, crisp, and loud sound, this pair can be called as one of the best speakers for turntable. The classic wood finish from the high-quality MDF wood build gives out the perfect finish making your speakers look all sorts of aesthetic. The design goes well with all sorts of interiors and home décor. To top all the goodness, these speakers come with a 2-year warranty!


  • Come with a remote control
  • Retro look and sturdy design
  • Small and unobtrusive 
  • Great sound  
  • Pleasant upper midrange 


  • Lesser range covered 
  • Muffled bass
  • Dysfunctional treble adjustment

5. Victrola Vintage 3 Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers

vinyl player

If you don’t own a vinyl record player already and are looking for an option, I have one for you right here! The Victrola Vintage 3 is an amazing device that along with playing all types of records also has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. The turntable has three-speed options – 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM, making it an ideal pick for all sorts of records. The speaker within the player can’t only be used with the player but also has Bluetooth connectivity for any compatible device to be connected with.

The best thing about this player-cum-speaker is that it comes in a very handy, retro, and ergonomic suitcase design for you to carry your party on-the-go!


  • Retro look and feel
  • Compatible with all kinds of records 
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy portability 
  • Easy-to-use controls


  • Non-durable  
  • Cheap-quality material 
  • Mediocre sound quality

6. Audioengine A2 Plus

Audioengine A2 Plus 60W

These are small desktop speakers of 60 watts with a built-in 24 bit DAC and analog amplifier. The speakers are said to be premium-powered, giving clear and full audio. These speakers go well with a number of devices, including turntables or record players that either has built-in or external preamps. The design of these speakers is everything!

They are available in three colors – white, red, and black and they flaunt hand-finished wood cabinets. Being smaller in size and power, these speakers are the best for small spaces.


  • Compatible with a variety of devices 
  • High-quality material and built 
  • Multiple quality inputs 
  • Great sound even when the volume is high


  • Lacking sound quality at low ranges 
  • Mediocre bass quality 
  • Constant buzzing sound 

7. Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stanmore II

Want to complete the retro setup of your vinyl record player and speakers? Get the Marshall Stanmore II and soak in on the vintage aesthetic appeal. With the name of Marshall, this is a very trusted speaker, giving out larger than life sound that is perfect for any size of the room!

The speaker features wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 as well as wired connectivity with a 3.5mm input for analogue devices, like a record player. The features like multi-host functionality, wide frequency range, and customizable sound, makes this speaker a great investment for music lovers.


  • Great design 
  • Easy setup
  • Trust of Marshall 
  • Custom sound settings and controls 


  • Mediocre sound quality
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Poor app support 

8. Yamaha NS-640 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers

Yamaha NS-6490

These speakers are the most versatile bookshelf speakers you can invest in! If you have a home theatre system or a sound system, these speakers have the quality of being used as the front, rear, or auxiliary speakers. The speakers have enclosures with three drivers – a woofer of 8”, a midrange of 4, and a dome tweeter of 0.75.

With the trusted name of Yamaha, these speakers are the best investment for your record player, delivering the frequency response of 45 Hz – 23 kHz. The speakers are magnetically shielded to be the best part of a home theatre system and deliver you good-quality sound! 


  • Bass has a great punch
  • Suitable for multiple genres of music 
  • Great sound quality 
  • The trusted name of Yamaha 


  • Design is not aesthetic 
  • Too big 

With that, my list of the best speakers for your vinyl player ends! Well, these weren’t too many options but you can rest assured that these are the best picks for the time being. So, if you’ve purchased a record player recently or if you have one already, you must invest in one of these for the best sound quality and experience.

Now, the question is how to decide which one of these speakers you should purchase. For that, I have researched more and incorporated a buying guide to help you make the best decision. So, let’s get to it!

Buying Guide for the Best Turntable Speakers 

Here is a list of things to consider before you invest your bucks in a good-quality turntable speaker:

  • Connectivity

Record players are an old-school thing and they usually don’t come with Bluetooth connectivity, even if the design is latest. The reason is that they are exclusively meant for record playing. So, when you’re buying a speaker for your record player, know that it should come with a wired connectivity option. 

Also, when buying a record player, you should check for an option of AUX and other input connections. Avoid buying speakers that are exclusively Bluetooth speakers with no wired connectivity. 

  • Phono Preamp 

The phono preamp is circuit for your record player that will help enhance the sound of the player with the help of speakers. So, the weak audio signals are amplified with a preamp. 

While buying a speaker for your record player, make sure you check for its connectivity through a phono preamp option. Most record players have the option of such connections. This will help you connect your speakers easily with the player and amplify its sound. 

  • Type

There are two major types of speakers for record players – active and passive. Active speakers are directly plugged into the record player using a power plug. These speakers come with a built-in amplifier. Most of the options we discussed above are active speakers. They are easy setup and make your record player an easy plug-and-play device. 

However, in case of passive speakers, you first need to connect your record player with an amp or receiver first and then connect it with the speakers, which makes it a bit of a hassled task. 

  • Acoustics

When it’s about buying a speaker for a record player, the acoustics of your room matter a lot! To get the best sound and lesser reflections, you must have a room that does not have hard indoors like tiled or wooden flooring. In case that is the situation and you buy a speaker that is not adaptable, you might have to do the required changes in your room to avoid reflections. 

So, to avoid all the trouble, go for a speaker that is versatile and can give out the best sound in every environment as per the acoustics of your room. 

  • Size

For an audiophile, size is a big constraint when buying a speaker of any kind! I have seen users returning a set of the speaker just because they were ‘too big’ even if they sounded perfect! 

So, the size of the speakers matter! When buying for a record player, you must buy speakers that compliment with the size of your setup. This is why it is advised to buy bookshelf speakers for this purpose. If you invest in too big speakers, you might not get to enjoy the versatility and portability with them. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal and Design 

If you have a turntable or record player, it is sure that you have a taste for the retro or vintage things. So, to enhance the look and feel of your setup, buying speakers with similar outlook is the best option. 

You might want to invest in wood-finished speakers or the ones that have a vintage design. So, the design and aesthetic appeal are an important factor for your consideration. 

  • Sound Quality 

The sound is, of course, the most important factor. Never compromise on the sound quality of your speaker, when you are purchasing one for your record player. With the preamp and acoustics, the sound may vary from speaker to speaker and you might have a difficult time deciding which option suits your requirements the best. But looking for something that gives out a clear, crisp, loud, and good-quality sound is enough!

  • Budget

Again, this one is always a big factor to look after. Your budget for record player speakers will help you make the final call. If you have a small inexpensive record player, you can invest in small and inexpensive speakers, as long as the setup gives you a good experience. 

However, if your record player demands an expensive and good-quality setup, set the budget up a notch! Whatever you do, just go for good-quality speakers, whether you’re spending more or less. 


To conclude, I can say that buying good speakers for record player is a tougher decision as compared to buying a normal speaker for home use. Record players are classic devices and need to maintain the vintage-ish sound-quality of vinyl records in order to give you the exact feel of retro music. The major decisions you need to make are whether you need an active speaker or a passive one and the budget of the speakers. 

However, a little compromise in the sound quality may ruin your experience. So, with all the technical and non-technical features in mind, buy a speaker that actually does justice with your record player system.

Precision, acoustics, audio output, connectivity, size, budget, and versatility are the major factors to look out for. To make the best call, you can even conduct your own research and go with what the users of speakers have to say. Are they happy with the speaker? Are they complaining? Your answers will tell you what to buy and which speaker suits you the best.  

So, make your call with the right decision!