Best Trumpet Cases

Having the ability to play a musical instrument is an admirable skill. And if you are a regular player of any musical instrument, you don’t just need to own or rent your instruments, but also you need to own a few accessories to help you get the most from your instruments. In case you are a proud owner of a trumpet, you will need to have in your possession a few best trumpet cases to accord you the convenience of safely carrying your trumpet to wherever you go.

A proper case for your trumpet will not just ensure the safe protection of your musical instrument, but also it will make it easy for you to move with it from one place to another. It is also worth observing that most of the trumpet cases you will find in the market today come with quite a number of zippered pockets which makes it possible for you to carry a variety of other smaller musical accessories or simple stuff you may need for your gigs.

Product Review – Protec Trumpet Rectangular Pro Pac

The Protec trumpet rectangular pro bag is one of the best protech trumpet case you will find in the market today. The case features a lightweight and durable wood shell frame with very tough weather-resistant ballistic nylon. The frame of this trumpet gig bag is impact resistant to imply that your trumpet will be very safe should there be an impact that is large enough to cause significant damage.

It is reinforced with high-quality metallic hardware and accessorized with a removable thickly padded and adjustable shoulder straps guaranteed to give the desired comfort when carrying the bag even for a long time.

The trumpet gig bag also comes with long lasting custom zippers which are strong enough to keep their contents therein intact even when under pressure. The zippers come with a locking ring should you feel that you will have a need for an optional case lock.

If you play trumpet, or you are in the market shopping for a case, you will always appreciate if you find one that can accord you extra space where you can store other accessories you will most definitely have. Well, this Protec trumpet rectangular pro case comes with very large gusseted pockets with their zippers which you can use for the extra storage you will always need. On the outside, there are two large pocket organizers while the inside has a built-in organizer featuring two large storage pockets and three pen loops.


  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Large storage for other accessories
  • Thickly padded shoulder strap for ease of carrying
  • Universal fit


  • Though lightweight compared with the rest, it is still pretty heavy
  • Zippers have weak points. May compromise storage

In view of the above, if you need a quality case to accord your trumpet the safety as well as the convenience of carrying it, then you have every reason to choose this case.

Gator Lightweight Molded Trumpet Case

This Gator case is the GC series of orchestral and band cases ideal for carrying your musical instrument around town or when going for local gigs. The case is designed with a deluxe ABS exterior, while the interior features a protective EPS foam and a thick plush lining. Additionally, it is reinforced using a heavy-duty aluminum valance which grants it more robust protection. The handle design features with a through-bolt for extra comfort and strength. The case will comfortably fit a standard-sized trumpet from the popular brands, and it also comes with additional space to also accommodate the necessary accessories you would like to carry along.


  • Lightweight in construction
  • Through-bolted handle for comfort and strength
  • Interior is foam fitted with plush lining
  • Ideal for standard student model trumpets


  • No exterior storages
  • Only ideal for standard models
  • No support at the taper
  • Has room for only a single trumpet

Gator Lightweight Molded Trumpet Case

Gator doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to the manufacture of gig bags, and Gator lightweight molded trumpet case is a clear indication at how innovative they are when it comes to the manufacture of trumpet cases. This gator trumpet case is designed for both comfort and protection of the instrument. The gig bag has very thick padding all around, and a reinforced bell section to make it sturdy and stronger. You will be excited to know that the padding comprises of a 25mm thick weather resistant nylon exterior.

The lining inside this gator trumpet case is made of a super soft non-abrasive velvet, featuring a padded mouthpiece pouch which comes with a hook and a loop closure. The handle design features a padded removable strap with ID tags, with an optional backpack strap. It is also important to observe that the handle have dual cords and this guarantees enough strength to withstand walking around with the instrument for long and without feeling the weight.

For the safety of the contents in this gator trumpet case, this gig bag comes with long lasting, custom molded zippers that are easy to work out when the bag is in use. There is a durable molded rubber feet to protect the bag when placed on the ground or in storage, and then there is also a large front exterior pocket that comes with a nicely designed organizer for carrying small accessories.


  • Protective weather resistant padding
  • Exterior pocket organizer for storing extra accessories
  • Comfortable padded handle wrap
  • Strong, molded zippers
  • Super soft interior lining


  • The stitching is not strongly done
  • Weak handles
  • Ideal only for standard trumpets

Protec Gold Series Trumpet Gig Bag

This gold series trumpet gig bag by Protec features a lightweight ABS construction with a through-bolted handle for extra strength and sturdiness. The handle has one locking and one non-locking chrome plated latches, and D-rings to make it easy to attach a shoulder strap. The interior features a form fitted EPS with a plush lining. The gig bag will easily fit standard student models.


  • Lightweight in construction
  • Through-bolted handle for extra strength
  • Plush interior lining
  • D-rings for shoulder straps


  • Ideal for standard student model
  • No exterior storage for accessories

Gator Cases Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag for Trumpets

If you are looking for an ideal bag for transporting a trumpet from one gig to another, then you have a very worthy choice with the Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag for trumpets. The design of this case features super-thick padded sidewalls for maximum protection against external stress. The interior lining features micro-fleece fiber, and it also comes with a protective rain cover. The back straps are adjustable and removable for extra comfort and convenience.


  • Thickly padded sidewalls
  • Soft interior
  • Removal and adjustable backpack straps


  • Ideal only for standard student models
  • No extra storage on the interior or exterior
  • Doesn’t protect sax

Pro-Tec M404 Trumpet Multiple Mute Bag

This mute trumpet bag from Protec comes with every feature a passionate horn player would desire in their gig bags. It is designed in a manner that in addition to offering you the necessary protection to your instruments and accessories, it will also allow your very fast access to the mutes.

The trumpet mute bag has modular padded walls to allow for easy storage of various kinds of configurations. The exterior of the walls is thickly padded, and it is covered with a 1680D ballistic nylon for extra protection. With that, you don’t have to worry about the contents inside getting damaged with small impacts on the exterior.

The bag has a carry handle which is secured by a hook and loop closure and is also thickly padded to allow for comfort and secure handling. Additionally, there is a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying for those who would like to move around with the bag on their shoulders.

If you go for regular gigs, then you know the importance of having a mute trumpet bag that will give you the pleasure of carrying other accessories, and this is precisely what you get with this Protec bag. It has large front side pockets for carrying your accessories, as well as a stretchy side pocket where you can carry your water bottle.


  • Padded bottom
  • Large exterior pockets
  • Stretchy water bottle pocket
  • Modular interior for different configurations


  • Too large for average use

WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case Black

This WolfPak Polyfoam trumpet case is a lightweight protective case designed to offer adequate protection to your instrument. Its design and construction feature a durable 1200 denier external cover which not only protects but also insulates the exterior. The interior design features a plus plush, lightweight form for maximum protection in case of any external impact. The ergonomic handles are bolted and made from heavy-duty materials. Also featured in the design are luggage-grade zippers to accord the necessary protection to the instrument kept inside.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Insulated exterior
  • External storage


  • Ideal only for standard equipment

Flexion Senior Trumpet Gig Bag

The Flexion Senior Trumpet Bag is designed to accord your trumpet the protection it deserves when carrying or during transportation. It has a rugged ballistic nylon exterior with additional roomy pockets for extra storage. The interior features a very soft fabric to protect the instrument from any form of scratches. The bag comes with two main storage compartments, with the main one being the zipped compartment for storing trumpet, and the other chamber for storing straps, sheet music, and other accessories.


  • Roomy exterior pockets
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Strong exterior
  • Soft padded interior


  • Available in only one color – black

Ammoon 600D Water-resistant Trumpet Gig Bag

The Ammoon 600D Water-resistant Trumpet Gig Bag is very durable, given that it is made from Oxford cloth. Both the interior and the exterior are padded for extra protection of the instrument stored inside. It has two separate compartments – the first being the main zippered compartment for storing the trumpet, with the other one being for storing mouthpieces, sheet music, straps and any other accessory you may have. It has a grip handle as well as a single shoulder strap for convenience and comfort when carrying.


  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Double compartment
  • Padded for extra security


  • Designed only for trumpets

Protec Trumpet Contoured PRO PAC Case

Protec is a renowned manufacturer of gig bags, and if you were in need of a reliable, versatile and comfortable bag for your trumpet, then you have every reason to consider the Protec Trumpet Contoured Pro Pac case. Its design comes with every feature you will need to protect your instrument and also accord you the comfort you need when carrying or transporting the bag from one gig to another.

To begin with, the bag is lightweight, to imply that you won’t have to worry about unnecessary extra weight. The exterior of the bag is made with an extremely durable and weather resistant ballistic nylon that will offer adequate protection against any impact directed towards the instruments. The interior lining is made from a soft velvet that has a precision fit to offer more protection to the trumpet against damages.

The shoulder straps for this bag are strong, thickly padded and strong. The straps have a grip surface, an id tag, strong metallic hardware, and they are also backpackable for users who don’t want to carry them in their hands.

If you are considering this bag, then you would also be interested in the amount of storage space it comes with, and to your delight, you will be delighted with what you will find out. It has very large gusseted pockets with two pocket organizers where you can store various accessories. And to top it all up, the gig bag is also fitted with a long-lasting zipper with a locking ring for users who would desire to have a case lock.


  • Lightweight
  • Lots of storage compartments on the interior and exterior
  • Padded interior and exterior
  • Weather resistant
  • Strong and comfortable straps
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • The handle may block the zipper during opening or closing. A minor complaint, though.

Xlinke Trumpet Gig Bag

The Xlinke Trumpet gig bag is durable, lightweight and features a water-resistant Oxford cloth. It has a 5mm soft padding all around to protect the trumpet from impacts and scratches during carrying or transporting from one gig to another. Also featured is a side pocket for carrying valve oil, , and other accessories. An adjustable single shoulder strap is there to give comfort and convenience when carrying the bag from one place to another.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made from water-resistant materials
  • Extra storage for accessories
  • Adjustable single shoulder strap
  • Soft padding all around


  • No padding at the bell
  • Not ideal for very heavy trumpets

Buying Guide

When you are in the market shopping for a trumpet case, you should know that there are two main types of cases: hard and soft trumpet bags. You should, therefore, start by deciding whether you will go for the soft or the hard cases.

Hard cases are normally made of wood or plastic and they tend to be sturdier. Soft cares, on the other hand, feature leather or fabric construction. It is a fact that the hard cases may be preferred because they are strong and durable, and will always offer very good protection to the trumpet, it should also be remembered that they are heavy, hence, not recommended for students due to the weight.

After deciding whether to go for either a soft or  a hard case, the other factors worth considering when making the purchase include.

The level of protection offered

One of the main reasons why you are looking for a trumpet case is to offer the best possible protection to your instrument and this is why you should be very concerned with the level of protection the gig bag has to offer. To do this, check on the kind of protection being offered by the case, the quality of the inside padding, the strength of the material on the outer body of the case, the materials on the walls and the quality of the straps.

The material used

Most of these gig bags tend to use nylon but for a good experience, you should check if the nylon used is water and abrasion resistant. This is because you should choose a case with a durable material that will serve you for a long time.

The capacity of the case

Whether you are looking for a case for just one trumpet or you need a double trumpet bag for more than one instrument, you will want to check that it has enough space to meet all your storage needs. It goes without saying that the size you choose should be in tandem with the size of your instrument, and in addition to this, check if it has additional space to help you carry any other accessory you would normally need during your gigs.

The weight of the case

The weight of the bag will determine how easy it will be for you to move with the bag from one place to another. Naturally, most people love lightweight cases. But just be sure that you will be comfortable with the weight of the case you choose.

The comfort of the case

An important detail of the bag is the comfort that it offers. You will not find yourself struggling to hold a trumpet case as its braces will make it easier for you. The design of this bag will not make you feel like you are holding a heavy load on you. Also, another bonus is that the case is quite fashionable so you will not find difficulty in including it on your daily outfit.


There is no question on whether or not you need a case for your trumpet. If you play trumpet, then you will need to carry it from time to time, and with their delicate nature, the best way to protect them while on transit is to invest in a quality trumpet bag. With so many brands available, you may be confused when it comes to choosing one. However, stick to the brief, but concise guide given above and you will be guaranteed of picking just the right case to give your trumpet case the protection it deserves.

Ross Simonini