Best Headphones for Electronic Drums [2021] Reviews

Electronic drum headphones are an important alternative to Amps which happen to be very noisy and quite expensive if we were to compare them to the headphones. Headphones can offer some level of flexibility in the sense that we can play our drums without necessarily disturbing others around us.

The sound anchored depends on the quality of the drum headphones that are being used. We need to consider different things such as the quality we desire and the budget we are working within. The electronic drum headphones should be comfortable to allow us to play for longer periods when it is necessary. The sound needs to be exceptionally good as well to allow us to hear each nuance as we play and in detail too. 


1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Considering the durability, these headphones are quite outstanding. Though the ear pads are not the same design and quality as the overall build, it is not that hard to replace them. The impedance has a range of 63 ohms while the drivers stand at 40mm. This is smaller than some of the modern headphones that are meant for electronic drums. The sound of these drumming headphones is what makes them stand out, especially in their price range. The back design is closed, meaning that outside noise is blocked. The cable is not detachable but it is quite long which offers the user some freedom while working.


  • They are quite affordable
  • They are adjustable
  • The cable is extra-long offering more freedom to the user
  • They are lightweight
  • They offer a balanced sound


  • The cable is heavily coiled
  • The earpads are not as durable as many would like them to be


These headphones are sufficient for the purpose they are meant for. The quality is excellent for studio use and they can be used as earmuffs as well. However, they may not be the best when the weather is hot and humid. Apart from that, the sound quality is great which is what everyone really wants in the first place.

2. Alesis DRP100 | Extreme Audio Isolation Electronic Drum Reference Headphones

Alesis DRP100 Extreme Audio-Isolation Electronic Drum Reference-Headphones

This is a very specifically designed headphone meant to be used with the electronic drums. These are designed to offer noise isolation even though the output is not as impressive. The drivers are 40mm full range, which is lower than some of the other options available in the market. By pairing them with DAC amp, they get an upgrade that gets so much better than the price they go for. The headphones are friendly to the pocket and give a decent experience. It helps to evaluate the requirements, we have before settling for this option.


  • They are comfortable
  • When paired with an amp, they offer triple performance
  • The design is sound isolating and quite good too


  • You may have to incur extra costs to get a better experience
  • The cable is short at 6ft


There are many headphones that we can try out, but most times, the sound happens to be flat and dry. These are perfect for studio work. One of the most outstanding things about these earphones is the fact that they have perfect audio isolation. Outside noise is unlimited when these headphones are on. Overall, these headphones for electronic drums are good. The audio is not as good, but it helps to remember that they are meant for electronic drummers.

3. Roland V-Drums Stereo Headphones 

Roland V-Drums Stereo Headphones

These stereo headphones offer optimized high-quality sound for the frequency response that is extended. They are ordered for different V-drums as well as other electronic percussions from Roland. The head strap has a soft cushion, which makes them fit securely and comfortably. This is something that every drummer needs. The back is closed and the design is circumaural thus fits the ears well for better sound isolation. These electronic drum set headphones come with a long 2.5-meter cord that allows playing comfort and convenience when connecting. These headphones have a professional look. The manufacturer deals with lots of audio equipment and this one is not an exception as it offers many great features.

These headphones can be folded making them easy to transport. It is one of the traits that make them an option for many. They can be carried to the studio and back as one pleases.


  • They are comfortable
  • They are durable
  • The frequency control is good


  • They are expensive
  • The cable is not removable


These headphones do not offer the best sound quality or balance. However, it helps to remember that they are meant for studio monitoring. They can be used with other musical instruments as well. They do not have any sound leakage, which is quite plausible. They gave padding on the ears and at the top, which is a great addition. They are lightweight and comfortable and one of the best options available.

4. LyxPro HAS-10 

LyxPro HAS-10 Closed Back Over Ear Professional Studio Monitor And Mixing Headphones

These are multi-purpose headphones that are perfect for studio mixing and monitoring. They can also be used for sound isolation, piano, and music listening. They are also flexible and lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. The cable is detachable. They have a magnetic system that is magnetic and offers a dynamic response instantly, the ear cups can be rotated to 180 degrees. The arms are made of stainless steel and can be adjusted. The headband is made of leather and the ear shells are aluminum. The earpads are leather made and comfortable too. To increase the durability, they have a screw-on jack and straight cable duct that is single-sided.


  • The construction is pretty good
  • They offer crisp sound and the mids are also quite clear
  • The earpads are comfortable and therefore can be used for a long time


  • They are not perfect for noise cancellation
  • The cord seems to be too long


These headphones offer great sound for their price. The build quality is on a level of its own and the comfort is impressive. They are sturdy and the cord is thick. For some, the length of the cable is acceptable depending on where it is being used. The ear foam used is soft and fits well over the ears.

5. Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones

Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones

These are semi-open headphones that can be used professionally in the studio. Its design is meant for playback, mastering, mixing, and tracking. The drivers are 50mm and they have earth magnets to deliver a frequency response that is extended. They also offer a dynamic range.

The over ear design is circumaural and they also have velour cushioning which provides great comfort even during listening sessions that take a long time. The headband is self-adjusting thereby offering an optimal fit. The brand name deals with electronic equipment and gadgets like handsets and musical instruments. These creation offers great sound quality as needed as well as isolation. The design is ergonomic and offers amazing sound reproduction.


  • The sound quality is great and detailed
  • The bass and treble are also good
  • They are flexible and fit nicely
  • The design is created in a way that minimizes ear fatigue


  • If used for a long time, ear pressure is common
  • The pads are not as comfortable as they should be
  • It is not the best for tones that are too high


This is a great headphone for the electronic drum and it is suitable for all types of genres. During recording, the low tones are not missed regardless of how small they are. The headband is unbreakable and flexible and can fit different head sizes. This makes it durable as well.

6. Alltrum Over-Ear Headphones

Alltrum Over-Ear Headphones,Hi-Fi Stereo Headset

This is a stereo headset that can be used for travelling, relaxation, and sports. It is foldable too and comes with music playback and microphone for different smartphones. Adjusting is very easy. This flexibility makes it possible for the user to make adjustments according to the size of their head and get the perfect headband length. This means no pressure during use.

The earpad and headband are made to offer great comfort. The earmuff is soft and it makes it comfortable to use. The make is sturdy and of the best quality. This means it is not easy to damage it. There is a built-in microphone making it possible to listen to hands-free. The microphone is built into the header. It is easy to control the music or answer calls using the microphone.


  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Can be operated hands-free


  • It's rather bulky


We all want quality and this is achieved by buying the best products. These are unique over the ear headphones that can be used with a cord or connect through Bluetooth. The price is also quite fair and they have a built-in radio. There is also a slot for your micro SD for a better experience. These are headphones that offer the chance for self-contained entertainment. They have a great sound quality and are comfortable. These are highly recommended.

7. Tascam TH-02 

Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

These are also the best headphones for electronic drums. It has a closed-back and delivers good quality sound at an affordable price. The headphones are sensitive and the frequency response stands at TH-02 delivering sound that is clear and well balanced to fit different tunes despite the application or genre. They are a high-powered option and give pristine highs, rich lows, and very clear mid-range. Tascam pays attention to sound and appreciates how important it is to offer comfort and modern design.


  • They offer great sound quality
  • They bear unique features
  • They are quite affordable


  • They are not superior to some other more expensive models


Anyone who has used the best headphones knows a thing or two about quality. This option offers the best sound quality and has some very unique features that make the experience even better and more elevated. The low frequency response is soft compared to the highs and the mids, which is impressive. The sliders on the headband have makings on them, which is a big plus to the creators of these headphones. There is so much to look forward to if these are selected.


Is it possible to use headphones with electronic drums?

Yes. There are different types of headphones that are ideal for use with electronic drums. When used, we do not hear much when they are plugged in. Since they are meant for noise reduction; they can be used with different acoustic drum sets as well.

Why do drummers wear headphones and what do they listen to?

Drummers wear different headphones in an effort to reduce drum noises to a safer level. They can also monitor mix through the headphones at a very safe level. This means that the drummers can listen and then command the band without having to sacrifice hearing.

How necessary is it for me to wear earphones as earplugs when I play drums?

As we play drums that are over 100 decibels, during rehearsals with others. With guitars that have 120 DB, or when performing at concerts, it is very necessary to have earplugs on. When we are exposed to loud music, it is possible to develop hearing loss.


Choosing the best headphones for electronic drums can be a tricky thing, especially if we do not know what to look for or where to start. The best are usually made with solid components and rugged design to ensure they are durable. Flimsy and cheap are not recommended. We need to settle for headphones that offer the best sound isolation. External noise needs to be combated well. This is achieved by picking ear cups that are able to contour around the ears so that we can focus more on what exactly we are playing. The sound detailing should be rich and the frequency response should be evaluated as well so that we can gear all parts of the set with crisp definition and accuracy. They also need comfortable around the head and on the ears as well.