12 Best Weighted 88-Key Keyboard Pianos Reviews [2021]

Pianists can't fling over their tool as owning an 88 key weighted keyboard is definitely not an easy score. Most of the time, musicians end up sacrificing one or the other components of the piano like sound, adaptability, and so much more. For choosing the right one, it is essential to be keenly aware of the feels that could ensure a perfect keyboard.

So far the major aim of the digital piano is to replicate the old fashioned pianos by subtracting their heavyweight and insufficiency of mobility. Also, the greatest factor involved in the replication of traditional pianos is the sense of the keys. The finest pianos have weighted keys and sometimes also include the graded hammer action, which gives an implication about the lower keys being heavy in comparison to the higher keys, which is the same in an acoustic piano.

In the world of musical instruments, it can be really confusing not just for beginners but the expert musicians also. The list of pianos and the buying guide will surely help in choosing the best-weighted keyboard. With the help of the detailed list of pianos, one can figure out the reality and experiences with the musical instruments which would not let the piano lovers pay the earth.

Well, the list would probably answer all the questions popping in your head, while looking for the perfect piano. Indeed! No piano is perfect; however, it would be a great guide in squeezing your list of pianos. With several brands in existence, it is extremely difficult for figuring out which keyboard or piano can work best for us.

1. Nektar (IMPACT LX88+)

Nektar (IMPACT LX88+)

This piano is an 88 note, velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keyboard, that comes in multi-colors. The keyboard has 8 hypersensitive backlit pads and is compatible with PC, iOs, and Mac easily. The keyboard also involves the Bigwig 8-track DAW and software tools are automatically charted towards controls. A subtle and strong keyboard with gaping and constant elements that are different from numerous other popular DAWs.


  • It has good functioning with several DAWs.
  • The control assignments are pre-programmed. 
  • It allows 5 user layers
  • The parameters can be taken smoothly.


  • It may not provide Ableton live support limitlessly.
  • It doesn't have software editor 

2. Alesis Recital Pro

Alesis Recital Pro

This is an ideal digital piano for beginners that is loaded with 12 well built up voices and strong educational elements that are sure about the professional keys quick speed. It will give you the feels of comprehensive receptive touch with the 88 premium full-sized hammer-action keys that have the adjustable response of touch as per the playing style of the user. It owns the recital pro features like the one-fourth inches of headphones that can mute the internal speakers for convenience and for practicing privately.

It involves one-fourth inches of sustain pedal input not including the pedal, and the recital pro has the stereo outputs that can be connected with the recorder, amplifier, mixer or some other sound system. The powerful educational features include the record, split, layer and the lesson modes that have the 128 note max polyphony and the built-in chorus, reverb, modulation FX.


  • Recital has the most reasonable prices for everyone out there.
  • A piano that can be simply ported anywhere, be it a concert or a practice session.
  • The different modes of the piano like - layering and split are tied together with good tones and rendering chances to play diverse sounds.
  • The piano has touch sensitivity and allows the users to play well,  and it is semi-weighted.
  • It allows 128 note max polyphony which is a great number in the musical world. Don’t worry, Recital will help you everywhere! 
  • It has a natural sound because of the 20W speakers. 
  • It owns a lesson mode as well for the students to take lessons and notes with it.


  • The piano doesn't have a stand
  • There may not be an XLR port as well. 
  • There aren't demo songs on the keyboard 
  • It does not include the sustain pedals
  • It involves semi-weighted keys only

3. Yamaha DGX660 Bundle Piano

Yamaha DGX660 Bundle Piano

This piano came out in  year 2016 and still bangs the buck since its existence. It has everything to offer ranging from a stand, Acesonic MP-703 microphone, a sustain pedal, and the RH1C headphones. There is a sound reproduction of a popular Yamaha concert huge piano with the pure CF sound engine.

Similar to an acoustic piano, the GHS weighted action is heavy in the low register and wispy in high. The 88 note digital piano is accompanied by graded hammer keys. If you are fond of recording your performances, then way to go! The piano will help in capturing the song and performance, plus add more effects to it for spicing a bit.


  • The piano is easy to use that shows its smooth usability 
  • Embedded default piano samples
  • Involves 192 notes of polyphony
  • It has an LCD screen 


  • The music rest may have small legs 
  • The voices may be the same as the older model 
  • The piano may be heavy in size

4. Roland 88-Key Digital Piano (FP-10-BK)

A digital Piano like Roland FP series is not only an affordable choice but a smart one too. The authentic and acoustic feel from the 88-note PHA-4 Standard Keyboard comes with piano tone onboard stereo speakers/ headphones which enhances the quality of playability and sound. This series is highly suitable for home use due to its 9/16”- 10-3/16” dimensions (width/depth) space-saving design, to give you a portability benefit of moving it anywhere you would want to, unlike any other digital model so far.

Roland also offers remote control and added functionality, so sit back and enjoy the music with one-cable (MDI/USB interface) connection through your mobile phone or laptop. You can use this piano as a BL speaker, now tell if it doesn’t amaze you? With this series you are not restricted to play on the clock, the headphones output and quiet keyboard action let you enjoy playing throughout the day. The sound might sometimes feel a little synthetic, but the key action balances the overall effect.

Lastly, you can’t ask for more at this price, as it comes with a sheet stand, DP-2 Pedals, offered in two different colours and a play side-by-side in the same octave range (twin piano mode) option, where a teacher could play alongside the student. So if you are a professional or a beginner, you know that you have the right choice at hand.

5. Donner DEP-10 Beginner Digital 88 key Semi-Weighted Keyboard

Donner DEP-10 Beginner Digital 88 key Semi-Weighted Keyboard

If only so many features come at a more affordable price than the new Donner DEP-10. This beautiful instrument features 128 polyphony and 8 premium tones including Acoustic Grand piano, Bright Acoustic, Electric Grand Piano, Chorus, Harpsichord, Vibrating Harp, Church Organ and Strings Ensemble.

The portability offered in this product is beyond the limits of just how amazing it is, with a weight of just 8.6kg, equipped with two 25W speakers and a 4”(6.35mm) headphones output. The multifunctional settings with 4 type of beats for controlling rhythm, is just another over the top feature with the affordable price.

I would say that you would fall in love with the sophisticated craftsmanship streamlined in the body of the piano, giving it the look of a real grand piano. The exquisite modern design would enhance your playing experience with the built-in sound. This beauty is not only handy, but the dimensions 56.7 * 13.8 * 9.4 inches gives you the choice of moving and placing it anywhere in a room.

The keys are plastic moulded, which are light but not flimsy, which gives a great effect while playing. The full size of the keyboard gives you the confidence of a real classic piano and helps you to play in a great posture. It's really easy to assemble in your home, and play even if you are a beginner, just starting to get a hold of it.

Although some might argue that if you are looking for a product with a great built-in sound, this might not suffice your requirement, overall you could not get better features for your money.

6.Yamaha CP88 88-Key Graded Piano

Yamaha CP88 88-Key Graded Piano

The power-packed piano has so many features to boast about. It has phenomenal acoustic plus electric sounds of piano. The touch of the piano is lifelike and an instinctive one on one user interface. As we know sounds are essential, which is the reason, the piano has many different sounds like in the electric, grand, keyboard sounds, and upright piano. It is not restricted to a specific genre, feel free to play any genre of music.

It has light mobility and the instruments are compact enough. The coolest add on, you can easily switch sounds without the use of cut off, in between the notes itself.


  • Superb electric sounds of piano 
  • It involves versatile control on the parameters 
  • You are free to save the live pages and alter the patches present. 
  • Enjoy the real Leslie effect 


  • The piano patches may be dispiriting
  • The patches may not be combined in the similar pod at the same time

7. Korg SP280BK Digital Piano

Korg SP280BK Digital Piano

If you are looking for refreshing your good experiences of playing a concert piano, then this one is the right fit. One can feel incredible ease and delicacy while playing the digital piano. It has around 30 great sounds with the inclusion of electric pianos, organs, acoustic piano, grand piano, strings and a lot more. The piano has a pedal unit which is optional and bestows the players with soft pedals.

With the stylish design and structure of the piano, it will be a great playing experience, no matter what. It has a high output AMP that can produce a lot of volumes and power consumption of 15W.


  • The NH keyboard does a reproduction of the touch for the acoustic piano 
  • The transportation process is easy, as it is lightweight. 
  • The folding design metal stand is simple for attaching anywhere
  • Wealthy acoustic sounds are cool for playing and live performances as well.


  • The speakers may not sound good when used at maximum volume.
  • The weighted keys could have been much smoother. 

8. Roland Digital Piano  (FP-60-BK)

As the name suggests, the piano will roll your music land, as it has a completely supernatural sound engine. It is home to 288 voice polyphony. The keyboard of the piano is PHAT- 4 which has ivory keys with the inspiration from the grand piano touch. You are free to connect your mobile device without a wire via Bluetooth and play songs as per your choice.

Fan of speakers? Well, you have got to kneel here, because it has a rich speaker system with stupendous sounds. It includes many sounds from the Roland flagship instruments and strings, organs, electric piano sounds, etc. Roland involves the DP-10 damper pedal which is comfortable with the RPU-3 triple pedal as well, which is optional.


  • The key actions are awesome 
  • The hybrid keys are also considerable 
  • The piano’s three-band EQ accompanied by the devoted front panel controls is remarkable.
  • The sound system is rich and soothing 


  • The sound system may not work well with professional headphones
  • Keys may develop irregularity 
  • There may be an exaggeration in the 3D show sound element

9. Kawai ES100 Digital Piano


Kawai ES 100 is a modular hammer action piano that has a graded keyboard. The response plus touch of the piano showcases the emotions of a grand piano. There are two modes of the piano, dual and split mode. With the help of the memory function, you are free to save the preferred sounds and settings following you. It is the right choice for practicing, auditions and saving moments of musical creativity.

This quality piano offers you a huge and detailed choice of time signatures as well. You can even adjust the tempos while practicing. Piano lovers can also enjoy the different 100 rhythms of the drum.


  • It has a half-damper capacity 
  • Duet partners can listen with jack headphones 
  • The piano is extremely lightweight 
  • It has great portability 


  • Hammer action of the keys may vanish with time 
  • The keys may involve clicking noise 
  • Sometimes the sound may not give the sense of an acoustic piano 

10. Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha P71 88-Key

The 88 weighing style keys imitate the experience of an acoustic piano and give good quality time for playing. Having ten distinctive voices, with the digital sample tones of real Yamaha grand pianos, it has a dual-mode as well which can help in merging two sounds like the strings and the piano for an extremely new experience. With a sleek and subtle design, it is 12 inches deep and P71 does not need much space, just 25 pounds.


  • Simple: It is a user-friendly piano having just two buttons, where one is for power on and off, the other for control settings. 
  • Portable: With a lightweight of 25lbs, the model is simple to carry from one place to another. 


  • Record: Audio or a recorder for inspiring the user with recording ideas is not available 
  • Sound Quality: The quality of sound may decrease with the increase in polyphony which is a basic disadvantage seen among such digital pianos. 

11. Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano

yamaha grand piano

The piano is yet again an 88 key style keyboard that owns Graded Soft Touch with a 6 track sequencer that helps record music individually. It gives voice to split, dual voice and the music database bestows 267 keyboard setup with the song. There is a stand included with this piano.


  • Portablility
  • The piano shows quality responsiveness and good actions
  • The keys are touch-sensitive 
  • Owns educational component and has more than 500 sounds
  • It is a complete full-sized 88 keys keyboard with 32 notes of polyphony.


  • The screen of the keyboard is small
  • There are no hammer action keys 

12. Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano Keyboard with Full-Size Semi-Weighted Keys

Alesis Recital 88 Key

If you're looking for something easy to transport, this piano is super, super light, but it's still a full-size keyboard with 88 keys. And one of the reasons that it's so light is it's got semi-weighed keys, and the keys have an adaptable touch response that matches the chosen style of playing. If you're a beginner, semi-weighted keys is going to be plenty good enough because it's got a similar feel to fully weighted keys.

It has the built-in Chorus and Reverb FX with the two 20 w speakers as well that flourishes clarity of sound. The keyboard is completely portable and has all the connectivities paired well. 


  • Sounds are completely natural 
  • The volume of the keyboard can be varied as it is velocity-sensitive
  • It has a great lesson mode for learning 
  • Best organ with the built-in sounds
  • It is tightly packed and is portable enough
  • Satisfactory speakers 


  • It may not have a good sound if used higher than 60%. Crushing sounds can be experienced.

Things to consider before buying a WEIGHTED piano

It is much better to choose a piano with the best features and as per the suitability of the player. There is no doubt about the fact, that one must be aware of every point, detail and consequences before taking a decision, especially while buying keyboards with weighted keys. First things first! Take a look at the features and essential details regarding the musical instrument before buying it. 

  • Choose a piano with standard width keys as it makes the playing smooth and easy. 
  • Choose one which has keys with weighted implementation for experiencing the traditional touch. 
  • The one with the sustain pedals as it allows to play the modern style music as well.
  • Avoid choosing the one with extra(s), for example, millions of instrumental sounds which in vain, will go unused.
  • Pay for a worthy usage for the future.

  • Keys : The greatest need is for the realistic keys as the musicians find it easier in playing. While some of the people find the lessons as well as metronomes vital for the beginners in fine-tuning the skills or for playing to learn. 
  • Connectivity : Players can sometimes choose to bring out the audio from the keyboard into the headphones, speaker systems with the help of a headphone jack, or a computer system. So, make sure to notice the important connection options available on the keyboards while buying. 
  • Sound : Well, what could be more essential than the sound of a musical instrument. Sound of the digital piano has to be great and often the makers try their best by using out of the box techniques, designs, and materials. Talking about the digital versions, it is a totally different thing, as sound production is not involved here. A keyboard plays the recorded electronic sample similar to a general piano. 
  • Quality : For every instrument, there is nothing more important than quality. Keyboard pianos that are not built-in with the good quality might not be that meticulous while they are taken from one place to another as these have to be taken out from the containers for practicing and playing on different occasions. 
  • Visual : Few people find the visuality to be important, however, it would not be correct for those musical instruments to own immaterial patterns. So, as a pianist would your prefer choosing the keyboard that is sleek and stark or would you prefer the slider and knobs over it? There is a whole lot of list to select from and most of the pianos can be seen in black color, but if checked in detail, there are the white ones as well. 
  • Value : No matter what, the value of the chosen item has to be important. As the price is also the greatest factor that benefits in choosing whether the piano is worthy enough or not, right? It is every musician's right to keep a check on the sum of money being spent by him.