A list of 9 Best Electronic Drum Pads [2021] Reviews

Buying an octapad, a multi-pad, or a drum pad is a wise decision in some scenarios. For instance, if you don’t have space for a big drum kit, buying drum pads is a better option. However, there are so many other reasons for which people invest in a drum pad like more sounds, samples, features, and a lot of other options that an acoustic drum kit doesn’t provide.

If you’re planning on buying the best electronic drum pad and don’t know which one to buy, I have done the research for you. Here are some best options you can pick from:


1. Roland Octapad Digital Percussion Pad

Roland OCTAPAD Digital Percussion Pad

Under the renowned name of Roland, this octapad comes packed with a number of features and functions. An update from the older version, this octapad has new phrase libraries and is a revolutionary instrument in the area of electronic percussions.

In a compact size, this amazing instrument packs a lot of features with a total of 99 onboard kits that have the percussions and melodies of instruments from around the globe. This includes the instruments from Latin America, China, Africa, Middle East, and India. This version of the Octapad has 19 new phrases and is the best bet for performing as well as recording.

This octapad comes with its own set of internal sounds that give birth to the inbuilt sound editing feature of this instrument. The onboard controls on the octapad will help you control the sound and edit it according to the requirement with options like tuning, pitch sweep, attack, etc. The gain function helps boost the overall output of the octapad, making the sound even better.

With the revolutionary V-Drum triggering technology by Roland, each pad on the octapad can be considered as an isolated unit and plays its own role with great sensitivity. This ensures accurate pad triggering and keeps all the pads isolated.


  • Stale drivers
  • A great amount of sound
  • Satisfying pad stick bounce
  • Large sound bank
  • Roland’s trust


  • A bit outdated
  • A bit Expensive

2. Yamaha DTX Multi Pad

Yamaha DTX Multi Pad, Drum Pad

Another gem from Yamaha, the DTX MULTI is a hit with all its high-tech and handy features. This drum pad comes with more than 1000 effect sounds and about 200 motif sounds. The innovative feature about this drum pad is the fact that it can easily be connected with an iPad using a USB. This gives the drummer to have an easy access to the sounds, effects, descriptions, and visual editor with this drum set.

So, when you have your controls through an iPad, there is no way you can misunderstand your instrument! The EZ Pad Assignment feature allows users to become a skilled electronic drum programmer. The app of this drum pad will also give access to the virtual mixer or equalizer that you can conveniently use to mix up your sounds without any hassle or technical hindrances. With so many other features and functions, this drum pad allows the player to try and test newer methods of playing drums.


  • Great product for those who don’t have space for actual drums
  • Packed with a number of functions and features
  • Excellent tech support
  • Yamaha’s trust
  • Fantastic live drum sounds


  • Driver Issues
  • Software issues
  • Doesn’t allow fast sticking

3. Alesis Sample Pad Pro

Alesis Sample Pad Pro Percussion and Sample-Triggering Instrument

Another option of a brilliant 8-pad percussion pad, this one comes with responsive dual-zone rubber pads and a variety of built-in sounds. This instrument must be on top of the list of those who want to achieve the best with their sonic creativity. This all-in-one percussion drum pad comes with 8 velocity-sensitive and responsive pads and over 200 inbuilt sounds that are professionally recorded. You can create your own music and then store it in the instrument itself by getting an SD card for the SD card slot of this drum pad.

Controls have been made easier with the small display panel that shows you the settings of your drum pad and the buttons on the right, for easy and effective control. The 8 dual-zone trigger pads of this instrument also have LED illumination and are highly responsive. Each pad has 6 different modes and you can load up to 2 samples in each pad.

With the input options, it gets easy for the drummer to expand their drum pad by connecting this one with inputs like Kick Drum and Hi-Hat pedals. This is one of the best digital drum pads in terms of ease of use and sampling.


  • Can sound like an actual drum kit with the right settings
  • A great addition to a drum set
  • Value for price
  • Good for beginners


  • Not for professional use
  • Generates a constant static sound when connected to an amp
  • Looks like cheap-quality buttons and knobs

4. KAT Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum

Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum and Percussion Pad Sound Module

This is a percussion pad and a sound module, best for those who are looking for something compact, handy, and affordable. This drum pad makes the best extension for all kinds of music setups, adding sounds of percussions, dance, and electronic drum to your setting. The drum pad is handy and adjustable and can be played either with hands or sticks. It comes with high-quality sounds that can be used for multiple purposes and the four highly-responsive pads make drum playing more fun, giving out the perfect sound you require. You can connect this drum pad using the USB/MIDI connectivity option and there is a stereo headphone jack too.

As an affordable and compact electronic drum pad, this is a great option for practicing and for extending your setup.


  • Clear and good-quality drum sounds
  • Value for money
  • Great sound with some programming and settings
  • Comes with many control functions
  • A great addition to other drum pads
  • Highly sensitive pads


  • Only stores one drum setup
  • Automatically powers off

5. Roland Percussion Electronic Drum Pad

Roland Electronic Drum Pad

For the drummers looking for the simplest way to add electronic drums to their setup, this sample drum pad is the perfect pick! With the renowned name of Roland and the assurance of quality, this can be a great investment. The drum pad comes with 22 amazing sounds that have sound effects like electronic cowbells, snares, handclaps, and what not! The best thing is, you can easily import your own sound effects to these drum pads using any of the 12 sound banks present in these drum pads.

You can play these drum pads with hands as well as with stick, and even with feet and you can place it on a stand, a tabletop, or a floor. So, they are versatile and come with a lot of additional functions and features. The intuitive controls allow the player to easily adjust the trigger threshold and other settings.

The drum pad is lightweight and compact for easy portability and practice. With a wide range of amazing sounds, you can improve your skill set and work on your backbeat.


  • Amazing selecting of sounds
  • Roland’s brand trust
  • Rugged design
  • Compact and easy to travel with


  • Sensitivity dies pretty fast
  • Not very durable
  • Consistency issues
  • Battery backup is weak

6. Alesis Sample Pad

Alesis SamplePad Compact 4-Pad Electronic Drum

Another one from Alesis, this is again an affordable piece that comes with four pads and some great controls and is the best drum sample pad. There are about 25 most requested and professionally recorded electronic drums and percussion sounds in this sample pad. You can easily add your own sample sound by adding an SD card to the SD card slot of this drum pad.

The drum pad has a blue backlit display to show controls and settings. The drum pad is the best thing you can buy at a reasonable price, whether you’re looking for a standalone instrument or to mount with other setups. The drum pad is quite a low-noise and great sounding instrument, ideal for practice and for performing. So, in all, it is an affordable, versatile, and basic instrument that can be added to any setup for expansion and for better play!


  • Compact design
  • Affordable instrument
  • Versatile usage with a good variety of sound effects
  • Can be mounted on other biggest drum pads
    Works at 44.1K
  • Supports an SD card


  • UK power supply chord
  • Samples need to be uploaded in a certain format
  • Can’t be played with hands properly

7. Roland Percussion Sample Pad

Roland Percussion Sampling Pad with 4GB Internal Memory

Something really expensive but worth it – this sample pad from Roland is everything you need! They call it ‘the ultimate percussive sampling instrument’ and I agree with it! With this pad, you can create powerful samples and playbacks with some amazing features of audio-capturing, multi-effects engines. Expressive playing, and a lot more!

With so many features and innovative functions, this drum pad makes the perfect addition to any electric drum set or acoustic drum set. The quality of sound delivered by this drum pad is high enough to be used in live stage performance and mellow enough to practice at home. You can play and experiment with the sounds like playing looped phrases, audio tracks, one-shot samples, and what not! The cutting-edge technology, features, and tools make this instrument just the right thing for every drummer out there who is willing to splurge on an amazing addition to their music setup.

The drum pad is easy to use for sampling, capturing, and assignment. Each of the nine pads is velocity-sensitive and made of high-quality rubber for the best playing and effects. The large red backlit LED gives the drum pad a great aesthetic feel.


  • A great drum pad for experimentation and learning
  • High-quality output
  • A great variety of samples
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for every level of drummer
  • Amazing features and tools


  • A bit expensive
  • Only a sampling/looping pad, not a full drum kit
  • Unclear instruction manual

8. Alesis Strike Multipad

Alesis Strike Multipad 9-Trigger Percussion Pad

Another expensive option in the list, this multi pad is a versatile instrument suitable for editing, performing, looping, and practicing. The amazing part of this multi pad is that it has over 7000 inbuilt sounds and has a storage capacity of 32GB. So, you can easily record and store your samples in your multi pad.

The drum pad has 9 pads that are velocity-sensitive and have colored RGB lights in their backs that can easily be customized as per your requirements.

The samples can be captured using different options like a microphone, USB input, computer, phone, or any other devices. The features and controls make it easy to edit the loops and samples.

It is easy to mount or integrate this multi pad in any existing setup and you can play one-shots, loops, or melodic anywhere you want. The versatility of this pad makes it an ideal selection for drummers of all levels and ideal for any usage.


  • Amazing feel and aesthetics
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to use


  • Tough to manage samples
  • No loop sync

9. RockJamPortable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit

RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Built in Speakers

This one is purely for beginners and the drummers who like to practice when they’re on-the-go! This is an entire drum kit that you can just roll up and put in your bag. To get started, this kit has everything a beginner drummer requires practice. A small and compact option, this kit is well-built and is a durable option if used and maintained rightly. The kit comes with 9 sound pads along with 2 pedals, an inbuilt speaker, and sound modules that make drum playing easy and comfortable for the drummer. With the help of a USD MIDI connection, you can easily upload beats you make on this kit to your computer. So, playing and editing your own beats and music gets easier, without spending a lot of money on an expensive drum pad.

This kit is ideal for drummers who don’t want to splurge on expensive kits and want to try and test their skills before they invest in something big and serious.


  • A variety of drum styles and sounds
  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Portable
  • Great sound
  • Good pick for beginners
  • Very affordable
  • Good for low-key settings


  • Sounds like a toy
  • Quite small
  • Trouble connecting with speakers or headphones
  • Some parts don’t react fast

So, that’s all about the list of drum pads I had for you! All these options have been appreciated by the users and are quite a lot in demand. If you’re planning on buying a drum pad, you can consider these options and start playing! However, there is still a lot of room for confusion as to which drum pads to invest in. Let’s sort that out too with our good old buying guide!

Things to consider while buying a ELECTRONIC DRUM PADS

Whether you’re planning to buy a highly professional instrument or just a starter’s kit, you need to be clear about your requirements! So, here is a list of factors you must consider before investing in a drum pad. Let’s explore: 


You are buying a drum pad in place of a drum kit! One of the most common reasons behind this can be the portability factor and a majority of drummers can relate with it. Along with being a more feature-rich instrument, a drum pad beats an acoustic drum kit in terms of size. Now, when portability is your concern, make sure that the drum pad you buy is portable. For this, you should look for its size and weight.

From big and heavy drum pads to lightweight and foldable kits, you can explore all your options and pick the one that suits you the best.


The features are one of the most important factors to look for in a drum pad. You should be able to have access to all the basic features and the additional ones, based on the amount you’re spending on your drum pad. If one drum pad is offering extra features than the other and both are in the same price range, you will most likely buy the first one.

This is why it is important to look for all the features and functions that a drum pad possesses. Look for things like number of pads, their sensitivity, the controls, knobs, control display, ability to mix, types and variety of sounds, quality of sound, the option of recording samples, quality of available samples, connectivity options, mounting options, etc.
Pick the pad that does justice to your requirements and the money you’re putting in it.


You might not know this if you haven’t played a drum pad yet but the feel of the pads is everything! You must consider this factor and invest in a drum pad that gives you the right feel when you’re playing.

Most drum pads have rubber pads that are played with sticks and even with hands. However, the feel of you playing the drum pad says it all. It must be right and should also make the right noise. If it feels like you’re playing a plastic drum or if it feels like a toy, there is no point in buying such a drum pad. This is because the wrong feel indicated the wrong usage of material on the pads. And you wouldn’t want to invest in something like that.


It all boils down to our final deciding factor – the price! Well, I have listed the drum pads that belong to all price categories. From $60 to over $700. So, I tried to do justice with providing you with a good range of price options to pick from.
If you’re a beginner, a low-priced drum pad would be a good choice for you. However, for a professional, the instrument demands a bigger investment. The rest is all up to the features and quality of pad you get in all the price ranges.
Apart from all these factors, I have seen a number of people ask some common questions when they are buying a drum pad. So, I thought to jot them down for you, for a better understanding before you invest in something.


1. How many sounds does a drum pad come with? 

This is an important question to ask because it is the biggest factor when you’re playing a drum pad. The sounds make the basic of drum pad playing. These are the sound effects that make the drum pad an entire drum kit. From as low as 20 to as high as 7000, the number of sounds may vary greatly in drum pads. So, you must know what you want when you’re buying your own drum pad.

2. Can it be plugged with other devices?

Another FAQ that I have seen a lot of people asking. This is another important piece of information one must ask for. No or limited options of connectivity might hamper your use of the drum pad. There can be a problem if your drum pad cannot connect with a device that you want it to connect with. Also, ask for the availability of wires or chords along with the drum pad because if they are not complimentary, you might have to invest in them separately.

3. Can it be mounted to existing setups?

Most drum pads are mountable with others, especially the sampling pads. So, this is another important question to ask. Some drum pads can be mounted on the existing drum pads, some can be used as an extension of a setup, while others are just exclusive instruments. So, pick the one that justifies your requirements.
With this, we have approached the end of our exhaustive buying guide and details about the best drum pads. I hope this will help you pick your best option! Enjoy playing!