Here are the Best Electric Ukulele [2021] Reviews

There are various reasons as to why you should comprehend a product before selecting one from many models offered. Perhaps you are planning to buy an Electric Ukulele and figuring out how to play it, and you don't have the opportunity to asses all the models in the market.

Here we have simplified the selection process for you. Under listed are the most popular models of Ukulele with verified tests. In this critically analyzed Ukulele data, you will get all the most important information that you need before purchasing and land on the best electric Ukulele. It is justifiable for you to ask and look for features before you invest your money on anything.

One of the inquiries you could be posing to yourself is concerning whether it will meet your particular needs. You might be a bustling individual and cannot deal with surveys, yet here we give the most significant portrayals of all models accessible in the market so you settle on a fast choice without taking the greater part of your important time.

Electric Ukuleles come in different models, what you only need is to lay bare your specifications and choose the best design that suits your needs. Let’s have a look at each model available after a thorough scrutiny of the market.


1. Solid Mahogany top Caramel  LCD Display Electric-Ukulele

Solid Mahogany top Caramel LCD Display Electric Ukulele

Solid Mahogany top Caramel CS419-Soprano- LCD-Display-Electric-Ukulele is among the most preferred model by customers in the market today. It has stood as one of the best Ukulele with built-in turner available in the market at the moment because it is made of solid mahogany wood. It guarantees longevity of the instrument, constructional quality and quality sound with a pure tone to achieve better resonance. It is ideal for the experts and at the same time suitable for the beginners.

For every purchase, you will get a starter kit that will help you get started if you are a new buyer. You should not worry about its portability; it has a set of straps that makes it possible to hang in a safe place. Mahogany, once dry and well treated, becomes light hence making it easier for you to carry around and make moves while playing it whether standing or sited.


  • One good thing about this Ukulele is that it comes with extra CS419 string, a cleaning cloth, a gig bag, 3 guitar picks, 2 bridge pins, 1 equalizer cable, and an instruction manual
  • It comes with an Aquila string installed for purposes of Soprano modulations and creates the desired sound
  • The built-in turner equalizer with an LCD color display for visibility and better coordination of the payer
  • The hard and stable body made of the mahogany secures the instrument and give it a high durability rating.


  • The extra strings may not be enough for all replacement and this could lead to not making use of the instrument
  • The equalizer built-in may not be replaced unless you dismantle the entire instrument
  • It will take some time to understand the sounds if you are not able to differentiate different sound tones

2. Epiphone- Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Epiphone Acoustic Electric Ukulele B0064RFT4A

This model is one of the best acoustic-electric ukulele models so far; based on what the users have been saying about it. Its surface is a combination of both mahogany and AAA grade maple for an enhanced tone and an attractive appearance.

One way to understand the quality of a product is by analyzing the number of people who praise the product, it is one of the recommendations that you will get from professional players of the instrument. The size is better as compared to the rest of the models since this one is a little bit smaller hence making it easier to handle for the beginners. Furthermore, if you will need a better shape, this is the best choice of Ukulele for you.


  • The size is small making it ideal for portability and easy to carry around and play it at any given position
  • It is ideal for base sounds due to the installed Piezo pickup meant to pick up the physical vibration of the instrument as it converts it to a high pitch and voltage.
  • It is best for the experts if you are a professional player and if you understand the instrument.
  • It comes with several strings making it possible to upgrade to Aquila easily
  • Unlike other instruction manuals, this has a manual on how to take care of it and maintain it


  • This Ukulele does not come with a detailed manual for beginners since it is designed for experts.
  • The Piezo pickup may resonate to produce a base sound which may confuse the player if not well versed with tones, chords, and sounds
  • You need an amplifier to get quality and expected sound from this model of Ukulele

3. Caramel Electric Ukulele Professional Beginner

Caramel Electric Ukulele

The design for this model is meant for a complete beginner, it is assembled to give the most basic skill for a beginner. If you are a beginner in playing the electric Ukulele, consider this one because it is made specifically for a trainee especially with a built-in turner to make your learning easier and more confident in playing.

Experts have always recommended it since it is easier and simple to master it, leading to the ability to handle the rest of the models of the instruments. If you are looking to start a conversation, this is the best instrument to engage with since it is made beautifully with quality golden wood with edge frames covered with silver-like material ideal for the moonlight reflection.


  • Designed purposefully for beginners with quality extra spare strings
  • Sound enhancement ideal for tenor detailed in the instruction manual
  • It does not require batteries to be connected to the amplifier but you will need batteries to utilize the turner and adjust pickup


  • You cannot use any other strings not recommended since the fret-board may warp hence spoiling the whole instrument
  • It only works well with the GCEA extra strings that it comes with, no alternate strings like metal strings can be replaced with the recommended ones

4. Enya Concert Ukulele 

Concert Ukulele Finger shaker Polishing

When buying Ukulele, there are some designs that you will look for, among the will include the best solid electric Ukulele. Why a firm body? For some reason, it can fall, and you want something that will not break down on a smaller impact on the floor.

It s not falling only that can spoil the instrument, even a firm grin can cause wear and tear, firmness is proportionate to quality. Are you a concert organizer? This is one of the most recommended instruments designed for the purpose made of both mahogany and Ebony. Its material resonates well just like natural wood and strings that it comes with are decent making it comfortable to hold.


  • It is very light and easier to hold
  • Comes with extra strings including the finger shaker
  • It comes with an outstanding neck junction that provides the longevity of the instrument
  • It is designed to enhance the player’s sound preference
  • It cannot be affected by temperature and humidity anytime due to the mix of material such as the mahogany and the ebony


  • You cannot use this one if you are not for a concert event, it is loud and meant for professionals
  • The turner is more advanced hence ideal for experts in the instrument
  • You have to be extra careful when using the finger shaker since you can cause a bruise and crack on the surface.

5. Hadean Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Hadean Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Apart from being the best Acoustic-electric Ukulele, there are other features that you should be keen to look for when investing in the ukulele. One thing you should be assured of is that they are far much advantageous that a standard guitar. This is made with the ability to produce standard bass guitar sound with an adjustable integrated turner to ease the tuning process.

Another unique feature that you will find in this instrument is accuracy in its setting with an Aquila of its own different from the conventional ones. It also comes with a preamplifier for use with adjustment of volume and several other controls, however, it has its demands.


  • It has an installed Pre-amp fitted with a tuner connecting to the amplifier
  • The body is hollow making produce the required base sound
  • Its octave is tuned to the same base as a standard guitar though looks like a traditional bass
  • It is ideal for producing the best and quality sounds if you need a professional event production use it.
  • It can produce sounds the same as a standard guitar.
    Plays notes in the same way as produced by a bass guitar
  • As expected to be heavy, this is different it light and portable
  • Its Aquila strings are made with materials that absorb less moisture for accurate fine-tuning


  • It is not ideal for beginners if you aren’t sure if you need this; just find a simple ukulele with simplicity and easy to use.
  • The fret-intonation is a technical procedure to master since the strings are gauged with varied density and, materials and thickness.
  • If you are not used to a huge Ukulele, this is not for you, to is quite large as compared to the rest, designed to fit the sound made to produce-base

6. Cordoba 15CM E Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele

cordoba 15cme acoustic electric concert ukulele

It is not all about a new Ukulele in the market it is the quality of service that you stand to get from the music instrument. As if that is not enough, it all about the materials and what it comes with that matters most in terms of music and sound quality, it is assembled using mahogany top, back and sides.

The four strings can produce up to 16 notes each for the smoothest base. It is a perfect entry to the stage with an exemplary pick up. Above all, it is a groundbreaking long weightless bass giving a unique experience.

You could be looking for something that promises durability and quality, it is also one of the long-lasting Ukuleles in the market, however, its assembly if the firm made from mahogany. You could be looking for something that promises durability and quality, it is also one of the long-lasting Ukuleles in the market, however, its assembly if the firm made from mahogany.


  • Cordoba pickup with sound whole modulations
  • An up-to-date edge finish for comfort with a fingerboard binding set
  • Contains a silver turner and premium Aquila strings


  • Easily gets out of tune
  • The smaller neck makes it much smaller than expected
  • It is longer due to the high number of frets
  • Careful handling is needed for the neck is too thin

7. Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23

Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23

As for this, it is more of elegance in appearance, the cosmetic touch on the surface makes it eye-catching. It is one of the oldest series that have undergone more modification intending to improve, for those who want something that has been in the market for long Hadean model is the best acoustic-electric Ukulele for you. Its popularity is based on its conventional design and outlook with great sound performance.


  • Boasts of high durability, the materials used to construct it include the firm Zebrawood with a rosewood fretboard
  • It comes with a pre-amp that enhances its sound performance and magnification
  • Comes with Italian Aquila Nylgut strings enabling fine-tuning to be easy


  • Tuning can be technical due to the strumming of strings
  • Its affordability can be a challenge from the look of its design and material used

8. Lucky Penny LP390ASE Electric Concert Ukulele

Lucky Penny LP390ASE Electric Concert Ukulele

Lucky Penny is constructed using several materials that are responsible for its durability and its good and attractive appearance. Its handy look and grip are as a result of highly professional craftsmanship aligned to its value.

If you are more of quality in appearance, this is the first recommendation to start with before considering the rest of the instruments. Most people who love this model do it because of the lovely look but at the same time it has a good sound performance; it produces an extraordinary sound and better choice for intermediate players.


  • Durable and highly attractive
  • Comes with a quality case cover
  • Quality tone-woods with professional stylistic turners


  • Not a beginner’s choice, highly technical
  • The turners and the stylistic strings need more care than other models
  • Meant for professional Ukulele players

9. Kala KA-CEME Exotic Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Kala KA-CEME Exotic Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

An electrifying look blazed with a colorful cover of blended mahogany on its top, back, and sides. This makes for a delightful instrument that you will unquestionably not have any wish for putting it down.

It is a cool and outstanding apparatus, reasonable for use as a decent all-round tone produced when unplugged is charming, with a mid-range and fresh boom and when connected, it is similarly lovable, yet you can shape the sound to suit the situation.


  • A hard case to keep it safe,
  • Easy to operate the tuner with a clip
  • A walnut fingerboard to guarantee durability


  • There are no lesson guides for beginners
  • The cover may not be flexible, not stripped but a case
  • Can be cumbersome carrying around with the case

10. Lohanu Ukulele Cutaway Electric

Lohanu Ukulele Cutaway Electric

Thinking of uniqueness and distinctness, you shouldn’t go far from Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric. It’s one of its kind sound produced makes it popular and outstanding in the market. This model will guarantee you quality sound that other models of Ukuleles cannot deliver.

Its high-quality appearance is based on topnotch materials such as the mahogany, and deluxe binding. The possibility of it to produce the desired sound is as a result of the arched back and effortless to fine-tune it. Playing and changing chords on this model is easy, because of the two strap buttons which may seem to be obvious but a distinct feature from other Ukuleles.


  • An outstanding turner
  • Aquila strings
  • Produces a fantastic sound projection and tone because of the arched back
  • Two-button straps


  • The fret is of high quality and fragile
  • Tuning is highly professional

Things to consider while buying ELECTRIC UKULELE

Personal Specifications

Possibly you could be ready by now to buy your first electric Ukulele, that may sound excited but there is one thing that you should do before, there are factors that you consider. One of the factors is based on personal preferences. One of the obvious determinants that will dictate your dream is the cost; your purchasing power is the greatest determinant in buying Ukulele.

Consider the budget range and costs of owning the Ukulele

You may want to have one but you may be limited by the cost of owning it, therefore, have a budget range before going for a window shopping, it is important for you will make a choice dependent on your financial abilities and less of stress.

The Ukulele Specifications

Having considered your financial strength, have in mind the Ukulele specifications, what size of Ukulele do you prefer? Small or large, this is an important part of buying the instrument, you should also know the sizes concerning the measurements, many times, and people have bought them only to be disappointed when they receive the physical instrument. This is because they made conclusions through guesswork that it is either small enough or large enough to meet their needs.

The Size of the Ukulele

To avoid further disappointment, make sure you know the size well. There are standard sizes like the Soprano, it is standard, but there are other models that vary in size and performance, get to know more about it before you invest in one. The best size preference is based on your build, for instance, if you are lightly built, go for the standard sizes and at the same time if you are built, find a larger size that suits your bigger hands.

Design and Structure of the Ukulele

You may also be prompted to be looking at the structure and design of the Ukulele. Find out more about how it is made, for durability, you should be looking for one which will give assurance for long-lasting. Finding the best solid body electric ukulele can be a starting point and this will help you in the determination of its durability and lifespan.

The Version of the Ukulele Tuning Pegs

Good scrutiny is paramount to making the best choice regarding the tuning pegs, the tuning pegs play an important role in satisfaction since it the center of all the adjustment; make sure you are aware of all the tricks behind tuning.

The Safety Provisions of the Ukulele

The safety of your Ukulele should come first; inquire if it comes with a bag if not make arrangements to have one. Finally, making the best decision begins with you by an understanding of what you want Ukulele; go by your specifications as you find out if there is a hanging strap.

Consider if your Ukulele Choice is meant for a Beginner or an Expert

Once again, you should measure your potentialities and how versed you are in playing the Ukulele; your personal needs do matter in making a decisive choice of Ukulele. You have to analyze the reasons that drive you to buy one.

If you are an expert, at least you know how to select what suits you needs for the Ukulele, if you want to venture into the field as a beginner; you need to find the best for learning.

The recommended Ukulele for learning is the one with less tuning effort and an inexpensive one. You may opt to go for the six or eight-string Ukulele, they produce sound, but as a first-time buyer, this is not for you, go for an ordinary ukulele with four strings.


1. Which wood makes the best Ukulele sound? 

All types of woods make a good Ukulele; however, it will solely depend on the type of sound you want. Ukuleles are made to produce all sounds depending on your needs, the tuner and the strings go by how you set them. Most Ukuleles are made from different combinations of woods ranging from mahogany to walnut and much more.

2. Is there the quickest way to learn how to play Ukulele?

There are several options, the first in hand is going through the manual, and the second is getting a Soprano Ukulele and learn to play basic Chords. Again, ask a friend to help you with the basics.

3. Any specific way of holding Ukulele?

There is no specific way to hold the Ukulele; your comfort is what matters it is the size that matters. If you are sitting down, just balance it in between your thighs. If you are standing hold it between your forearm and the underside supported to avoid slipping it off, you need to practice this to be perfect.

4. How do I tune the Ukulele?

There are several tunings you can try including Hawaiian slack key (GCEG), viola (CGDA), open G (GBDG) and other, you can also come up with your own.

5. Does wood type matter in Ukulele sound production?

Yes, the type of wood used to construct the Ukulele plays an important role in sound production in the instrument. Different woods used establish the type of sound produced, it is a fact that mahogany may produce a different sound compared to walnut. Getting what you want and sounds good to your ears involves checking the type of wood used in the Ukulele.