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Here are the 6 Best Electric Drum Amplifiers to tune things up!

“Whoever said ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’, obviously didn’t buy themselves a drum kit!”

For someone passionate about drumming, getting a new drum, starting the practice, and adding to its equipment is a great feeling altogether. Now, if I talk about beginner drummers, I wouldn’t say that you should have everything perfectly sorted right from the beginning. You cannot buy the most expensive drum kit right away just to start practicing. 

This is why electric drums came into existence and people started using them for practicing and for portability purposes. Now, if you’re sailing the same ship and have invested in your own digital drums, it is time to move a step ahead and invest in something that will make your drumming and practicing experience even better.

Well, of course, I am talking about an electric drum amplifier. Unlike the original acoustic drum kit, electric drums are made of other low-key purposes like practicing in a room, playing for a small audience, practicing while traveling or touring, and more! This is why their sound isn’t as loud and clear as the acoustic drums. Aside from this, there are a lot of factors that make the electric drums different from acoustic drums. But that is a story for some other day. 

Here, I am going to talk about the best electric drum amplifiers that you can choose from if you’re looking for a high-quality amp for your digital drums. Later, I will list down the factors you need to consider while making your choice. Let’s have a look at these options:


1. Roland Drum Monitor

Roland Drum Monitor (PM-100)

A high-resolution sound monitor, the Roland Drum Monitor is the first one in this list – because it is awesome! This amplifier or drum monitor is especially compatible with Roland’s V-drums, giving out a rich sound with a minimal footprint. The sound is dynamic and the amp has 80 watts of power. The amp can be connected to a full-range speaker system, music players, and other devices and its inbuilt mixing capability make it a handy amp for professionals. You can use this monitor for practice and at home.

The monitor is specially designed to be used with electronic V-drums percussions by Roland. The shape of this amp helps deliver the perfect sound and provides complete coverage.


  • FAll-in-one monitor
  • Great sound output
  • Nice for practicing drums
  • Easy to put together


  • Speaker blows very soon
  • Deteriorating sound quality
  • Not for serious amplification

2. KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier

KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier

If you’re looking for a high-performing digital drum amplifier, the KAT Percussion is the best amp for electronic drums. For small rooms and spaces, this is the best pick as it delivers the perfect sound. The amp is tailored to be the best companion of digital drums as it helps you achieve the best acoustic response.

It gives a powerful 50 watt sound output and is a portable amp with a large handle for easy carriage. So, you can take it with you whenever you’re out on drum practice. The amp has a 3-band equalizer for easy tuning of your e-kit. It can also be used with external music players with the help of the 1/8-inch input.


  • Great performance on low frequencies
  • Ideal for electric drums and percussions
  • Practical and aesthetic design
  • Can be used as a speaker for a phone
  • Good sound quality


  • Can’t use headphones to monitor your playing
  • Not suitable for performing
  • Controls have no lock

3. Coolmusic 100W Bluetooth Personal Monitor

Coolmusic 100W Bluetooth Personal Monitor Electronic Drum Amplifier

If you’re looking for something handier and cooler, this one is the right pick for you. The first plus of this amp is that it can be connected via Bluetooth. This amp can be used for practicing, playing music, plugging other instruments like piano, mic, keyboards, etc., and even for mixing. The design is quite economical, handy, and durable. The 3-band equalizer can help tune the tone perfectly and achieve the right sound output. The woofer in this amp is 10-inches big and the tweeter is 1 inch in size, both helping in delivering the perfect sound quality!

With the soft hand belt, you can conveniently carry this amp anywhere you want and it will be well-protected in every environment because of the hard material surrounding its edges. The controls are super slick and comfortable and the upward tilt design allows the sound to spread towards the audience, in the right direction.


  • Amazing Bluetooth connectivity
  • Best for electronic drum set
  • Can be connected to all Bluetooth devices
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Easy to carry
  • High-quality and durable material


  • Extra treble in the sound
  • The extra cable needed for some drum sets

4. Ddrum DDA50

ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier, 50 Watts

Another 50 watts option in our list, this one from Ddrum is one of the best electronic percussion amplifiers that has a 10” woofer and a 2.5” tweeter. As a great option for beginner drum players, this amp has been called ‘the perfect practice amp’ as it delivers the perfect power and output for the practicing gig. Its sound quality and features make it the best choice by drummers for the shed and stage.

The strong bass notes can easily be felt because of the 10” woofer and the tweeter helps keep the sound quality genuine with the cracking snares and clear cymbals. If you want to monitor your practice, this amp also comes with a headphone jack for better listening.

The design of this amp is very compact and it comes with a variety of features like 3-band EQ, multiple input options, handy controls, and more.


  • Amazing look and design
  • Nice sound quality
  • Sufficient highs for the cymbals
  • Gives our natural acoustic sound


  • No XLR line with some of these amps
  • Sensitive Volume control

5. Coolmusic DK-355 Bluetooth Personal Monitor Amplifier

COOLMUSIC DK-35 35watts Personal Monitor Amplifier

Another amplifier with 50 watts output and an option of Bluetooth connectivity. This is a multifunctional amp, compatible with electric drum, acoustic guitar, and keyboard. If you’re all about personal practice, this drum can work as an amazing personal monitor and comes with a headphone input.

With great sound quality, this amp is suitable for rehearsals, performance, and practice. With more input options, you can connect other devices like an additional amp and mixer, for increased functionality. The material used for the manufacturing of this amp is quite durable and of high quality. The amp is specially designed for percussion sources and it comes with two channels, main EQ with controls, DI output, headphone input, and reverb level control.

This is a feature-packed amp that offers versatile usage.


  • Covers a wide range of frequency
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Great sound
  • Handy volume controls
  • Good quality at such price


  • Garbled sound
  • Distortion at high volume

6. Powerworks PA System PW50

Powerwerks PA System (PW50)

Bored of the old tilted designs of amps? Well, you can go for a different and quirky one by choosing this amp. A good combination of high performance and handy design, this portable amp is best-suited for drummers.

Besides being the best drum amp, the PW50 is also a great companion for vocals and instruments like keyboards, audio devices, and more. The amp has a 4/5” speaker with a high-frequency driver that helps deliver amazing sound. It delivers the perfect balance of high and midrange frequencies and with the help of high and low equalizer, you can set the sound and volume right as per your requirements. The amp has a three-channel mixer and can be connected with multiple units or devices.

With the amazing compact and handy design, it is quite easy to carry this amp anywhere you go!


  • Easily portable
  • Great sound
  • Solid built
  • Loud and clear even at mid-volume
  • Perfect for personal use or small events


  • Doesn’t have a lot of power
  • Doesn’t cover much bass
  • Not apt for mixing

This was all about the best electronic drum speakers and amps. Now, if you’re planning on picking the best one from all these options, you must have your preferences clear. Different drum players have different requirements when it comes to picking a drum amp. This is why I have created a list of things that you must consider before investing in a drum amp. These factors will solve your problem and you can get a clearer view of what you require in your amp. So, let’s peek into it. 

Things to consider while buying a ELECTRIC DRUM AMPLIFIERS 


The wattage is the power output of speakers and amps. This is one of the major deciding factors that all audiophiles use when picking their equipment.

Now, most amps that I have listed above are of 50 watts or so. According to me, if you’re a beginner or are just practicing on your drums, 50 watts is the right power output for you to seek. However, if your requirements are that of a professional, you can look for amps with higher wattage because that will ensure better sound quality.


Most amps have controls in the form of knobs or buttons. You can look for something that suits you. During my research for the best amps, I have seen many people complaining about the controls being too sensitive and fragile.

So, you can take care of these things while buying an amp. Go for something that comes with handy, workable, durable, hassle-free, and effective controls.


Of course, the sound quality matters here! When it’s about drums, clarity and sharpness of the sound make all the difference. There are a lot of options for drum amps that you can try and test. While in some cases you get the best sound quality even at an affordable price, in other cases the sound might not be that good even if you pay a great deal of money.

It zeroes down to the quality of woofer, speaker, tweeter, and other internal equipment that together make the amp. You can also make adjustments to get the best sound with the help of the equalizer and bass and treble controls.

If you’re not sure about the sound quality or if the sound is of mediocre quality, the amp is not suitable for professional purposes. However, for practice, you can try and test your options.

Option to Stack

Stackable amps and speakers are mostly used by professional musicians and performers. An amp that comes with an option to stack has high sound quality and is louder than other options.

So, if you’re looking forward to expanding your sound system and equipment in the future, you can buy a stackable amp for your electric drums.


Even if an amp sounds a little off, with the help of a good equalizer, its sound can be adjusted. So, if you are getting an amp at an affordable price but aren’t sure about its sound quality, look for an option with an equalizer like 3-band equalizer. This will help you adjust the sound quality of the amp as per your requirement and as per the environment that you’re playing in.

With a good equalizer, any amp can be a good option for you.


Based on your digital drums, you can pick the connectivity of your amp. If your drums are compatible with a Bluetooth amp, go for the same.

With Bluetooth connectivity, an amp’s features are expanded and it offers more options for you to fiddle around with. Such connectivity option also makes the amp workable with other Bluetooth devices like your phone, music player, etc.
However, if you’re solely buying the amp for your drums, make sure they do have an option of Bluetooth connectivity. If not, you can check if the amp comes with other connectivity options or not.

You must also look for another input and output options like a headphone slot for personal practice.


The budget of equipment like an amp depends on what you are willing to invest, what is the usage of the equipment, what your level of expertise is, and what you’re expecting from it.

For instance, a beginner must not go for a very expensive amp because with their level of expertise and usage of the amp, they can start with a reasonable and simple option.

On the other hand, a professional can go for a more expensive and high-performing amp. In the end, the money that you’re willing to invest in an amp is the biggest deciding factor.

Size and Design

If you want your amp to sit in your room or studio, you can buy a large one and forget about it. However, with digital drums, the drummer is usually moving from his room to a studio or a band practice and even traveling from one place to another.

In this case, as the drums are portable too, the drummer requires an amp that is compact and easy to carry. With all these factors and features in mind, you can pick the best electric drum amplifier as per your suitability and requirement. There are so many options to pick from. Make sure you choose the right one that is in terms of your suitability, requirements, and budget!