9 Of The Best Drum Sticks You Must Buy

You’re here, so I need not guess what you’re planning to buy next! It’s just drumsticks! Well, yes but why do people spend so much time and energy in picking the best drum sticks?

The reasons are obvious. Factors like speed, grip, hold, comfort, wrist action, sound, performance, and more, come into play as the deciding factor. So, as a beginner, you might buy ‘just drumsticks’ but as a professional, you would pay the right piece of mind to get the best ones. Let me help you by presenting some excellent options that I already picked for you:


1. WOGOD 5A Drumsticks

WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks Maple Drumsticks

Known to let the drummer play at a lightning speed, these drum sticks are long, straight, and strong! Made of high-quality maple wood, these 5A drum sticks are the perfect pick if you’re looking for some handy and durable on-stage sticks. Maple, being the most popular type of wood used for drum stick, is a resilient, durable, responsive, and classic material. The length of these sticks is 16 inches.

These drum sticks are air kiln dried, sealed, sanded, and are specially created to make a loud noise. If you’re looking for a lightweight yet durable option, these drum sticks are the best bet. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee with constant customer support. So, at a small investment, these drum sticks can be your best companion for the long haul.

2. Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drumsticks

Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks

Another pair of 5A drum sticks, the Vic Firth American Classic sticks come in perfect all-around weight and size. So, they are suitable for all kinds of drummers and for every musical situation. These sticks have a teardrop wooden tip which makes them a perfect tool for cymbal sound. They are medium tapered and are made of hickory, which is another common material used for the manufacturing of drum sticks, aside from maple wood. These drumsticks are also 16 inches long.

With promising longevity, these sticks are a perfect tool for drummers that are heavy hitters. They also have a great balance and are best for fast-action drumming. The lightweight and ergonomic design help reduce wrist fatigue and is suitable for all kinds of drummers.

3. Vic Firth American Classic 7A Drumsticks

Vic Firth American Classic 7A Drumsticks

A combination of the classic drumstick design and the style of Vic Firth, these 7A drumsticks have a bold design for a louder and fuller sound. These sticks are also made from Hickory wood, just like our last option and they are 15.5” long. The wood used for the manufacturing of these sticks is dense and has a little flex that promotes louder and clearer sound. The design of the sticks makes them comfortable to handle and strong enough to withstand a great amount of shock. This is why these sticks are said to be very durable.

The tip of these sticks is again in the shape of a teardrop. They are the best pick for playing jazz and a combination of other music genres, and can be a bit fragile for hard rock or metal music.

4. ProMark American Hickory 5A Wood Tip Drumstick

ProMark American Hickory 5A Wood Tip Drumstick

Another option from the 5A category, these are from ProMark and are again made of the hickory wood. The durability, responsiveness, and quality of these drumsticks are only found in classic drumsticks that flaunt a great comfortable design. These sticks are available in different options like in wood tips and in nylon tips, with a natural finish and a lacquer finish, and with ProMark’s patented technologies like the FineGrain and the ActiveGrip. All the sticks in this category have great consistency, which means you wouldn’t feel like playing with two differently-designed sticks. They have the right balance, the right design, and the right weight and tone to allow you lightning-fast drumming and comfortable drumming sessions. And again, these drumsticks are also 16” long.

ProMark has been a great and celebrated manufacturer of drumsticks, noted by several popular drummers and musicians. So, you can easily trust this option and try it on your own. It is the best drumsticks brand.

5. Donner Snare 5A Drumsticks

Donner Snare Drum Sticks 5A Classic Maple Wood Drumsticks

Another classic 5A pair of drumsticks, these are from Donner and is another affordable option for the drummers. These sticks are made of high-quality maple wood that is light in weight and durable, giving you a good value for money. The sticks are thoroughly polished for a fine look and also have a non-slip surface so you don’t end up throwing your sticks in the air while playing.

The sticks are 16” in length and have medium dimensions, making them suitable for all kinds of drummers and music requirements. The tip of these sticks is drop-shaped and they are the most popular pick of beginners and drummers who like to practice a lot. Effortless loud and harmonious sound is made by these drumsticks. The length of these drumsticks is 16 inches and they are ideal for stage performances and drum exercises.

6. Andoer 5A Nylon Drumsticks

Andoer Pair of 5A Drumsticks Nylon Stick for Drum Set

Do your drumsticks break too often and too easily? Well, get yourself something unbreakable. Yes, I am pointing at these amazing colored nylon sticks. Being unbreakable, these sticks are ideal for all types of drummers out there, even the hard hitters. The sticks create amazing sound and are the perfect pick for professionals as well as beginners.

These 5A sticks are 16 inches in length and are available in colors like black, green, blue, red, and yellow. With its color options, these are the coolest drum sticks on the list!

As they are made of nylon and are not fragile at all, these sticks are considered as the rock sticks. If you’re tired of your wood drumsticks, this can be the perfect purchase.

7. Vic Firth Kidsticks

Vic Firth Drumstick

As the name gives it away, these drumsticks are specially manufactured for kids. Vic Firth really put a good thought an engineered these perfect sticks for the youngest drummers out there. They are basically created for the age group of 3 to 8 years.

Designed especially for the kids, these drumsticks are 13 inched long and produce amazing sound. The aesthetics and design of the sticks are kept to the fun side for the kids to stay hooked to their practice. These sticks are also made of the hickory wood and are available in blue and pink colors. They weigh quite light and offer a handy design to make it easy for the young drummers to practice and play.

8. Zildjian 5B Nylon Black Drumsticks

Zildjian 5B Nylon Black Drumsticks

Another option of the nylon drumsticks, these are 5B sticks that offer great balance, durability, and response. The tip of the sticks is oval-shaped and they are 16” long. With the respected name of Zildjian, these drumsticks can be a great purchase if you’re looking for something lightweight and durable.

The material not only makes the sticks durable but they also feel great in hand. The balance and rebound stiffness makes them a great purchase for every kind of drummer.

9. Zildjian 7A Maple Green Dip Drumsticks

Zildjian Super 7A Maple Green Dip Drumsticks

As compared to the hickory sticks, these are lighter in weight and offer amazing sensitivity and control. If you’re used to playing the hickory drumsticks, the maple variants will feel great and light, giving you a new feel of playing drums. The notable dip grip by Zildjian is a catch in these sticks and makes them unique from other options on the list.

The sticks are 16” long and have a round wood tip, ideal for all kinds of drum playing. They make your drumming faster and reduce wrist fatigue because of their lightweight.

So, this was all about our best-picked options of drumsticks. Now, if you haven’t bought drumsticks before, you must be confused with certain factors and information provided in the above detail.

Let me make it easier for you to understand which drumsticks would be the best for you, through this helpful buying guide. Let’s have a look!

Things to consider while buying a DRUM STICK

There are certain factors that you must enlist before you go explore your options of the best drumsticks. I did the homework for you and created a list of factors that make a difference in your purchase. So, let’s have a look at these: 


First off, let’s get it over with this very important yet obvious factor that every drummer considers. It is the material of drumsticks.

Now, most of us go for wooden drumsticks but if you didn’t know already, let me break it to you, there are other material options as well. As we mentioned some options above, Nylon is one of the prominent materials. Aside from that, the traditional drumsticks are also made of metal and carbon fiber.

Even when it comes to wood, there are different types of woods used for the creation of drumsticks. The most widely used wood is hickory, followed by maple, oak, and Cornus. The price of drumsticks also varies based on their material. So, take your pick accordingly.


A drummer can decide what length of sticks is perfect for them. It is one of the deciding factors for the performance of the drummer. The general length range of drumsticks is 15” – 17.5”. Once you start playing and trying different lengths of drumsticks, you would know which length suits you the best.

However, as we mentioned above, there are kid sticks in the market as well. The sticks made for kids are exceptionally small and you would know that they are not for grown-up drummers.


A drumstick has different parts. There is the tip, the taper, the shaft, and the butt. A professional drummer knows what kind of tip, taper, shaft, and butt he wants in his sticks. However, for beginners, it might be a problem.

To help you decide, the drum companies sell their drumsticks in numbers. As you must have noticed, in the options I listed above, there are different numbers attached to each pair of drumsticks like 5A, 7B, etc. So, what are these?

Let me explain it to you in detail:

What does the number of drumsticks convey?

The numbers on the drumsticks are the sizes of drumsticks. They are a combination of a number and a letter. The letters are basically just three – A, B, and D. Now, what do these letters mean?

Back in the day, when drumsticks were just invented, these letters had some meaning. A stood for Orchestra, B for Band, and D for Dance Band. So, here, with the letters, you can get a little bit of clarity as to which drumsticks are for which purpose. However, these letters don’t help a lot in deciding which drumsticks a drummer should buy which will be the perfect fit for him.

Thus came the numbers, making everything simpler and categorized. The simplest explanation of the drumstick sizes is given below:

Types of Drum Sticks

1. Drumsticks in the 7 Series 

This series of drumsticks include 7A and 7B, along with further variants like 7AN and 7BN, where the N stands for a nylon tip. The 7 series drumsticks are thin and are ideal for lighter music settings like jazz playing, marching bands, etc.

The length of these drumsticks is ideally normal, which is around 16 inches. The longer variants of these sticks are 8D.

2. Drumsticks in the 5 Series

The 5 series includes 5A and 5B and are the most widely used drumsticks by all kinds of drummers. These sticks are thicker, heavier, and sturdier than the ones in the 7 series. They are quite versatile and can be used by all kinds of music settings for almost all genres.

Out of these sticks, 5A is the basic drumstick, ideally used by all drummers which the 5B is a shorter and thicker option.

3. Drumsticks in the 2 Series

If you’re looking for something even heavier than the 5 series, go for the 2 series. These include 2A and 2B drumsticks. They are heavyweight drumsticks, ideal for hard hitters and are perfect for rock and metal music playing. Out of these, 2B is the thickest and the sturdiest drumstick and are the best drumsticks for a rock band.

Aside from these series, there is also a number called 1A, which is the longest drumstick of all and then there is 3A, which is somewhere on a mid-ground between 5A and 5B.

With this, I think I have managed to explain all the science and logic behind picking the right drumstick size. So, with all the options and deciding factors, it would be easy for you now to pick the right drumstick for your drum. Go hunt!