Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands [2021] Reviews

Today, most people prefer getting sound speakers along with TV sets. This is done in an effort to elevate the experience we get when it comes to enjoying movies at home with the best speakers. One of the challenges that we face most times is how to choose the best speakers for that ultimate experience. There is also the issue of not positioning the speaker’s right, which results in not achieving the best sound experience possible.

It is important to find the best speaker stands for bookshelf speakers if we really desire the highest quality surround sound outcome. The stands are available in different finishes, colors, styles, and sizes. And we need to take time and evaluate the stands for different criteria to ensure that they fit the decorum and are capable of giving us better outcomes at the end of the day.


1. PERLESMITH Universal Floor Speaker Stands

PERLESMITH Universal Floor Speaker

This is a popular stand that accommodates different kinds of surround sound speakers and weighs up to 22 pounds. These stands come with a large cable management hole to keep those cables out of sight and make things look neat and well organized. They are also compatible with universal surround speakers.


The stands are a great value and they are not that expensive to buy. This makes them one of the most competitive options available in the market. The stands do not feel or look cheap despite their being fairly priced. They are sturdy and they are attractive.

2. Atlantic Speaker Stands

Atlantic Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers

These come in a pair and the mound can be adjusted at 45 degrees. This makes it possible to position the speaker according to our preference. These are a good addition to our homes and can elevate our listening experience even more. The stand pedestal is hollow and it has an access opening at the rear to facilitate wire management. In the end, we get a more organized and clean look overall.


These stands are a great selection and they can be adjusted to offer the ultimate listening experience. The hole included for wire management makes it even more attractive in the sense that the wires are neat and concealed.

3. VIVO Premium Universal 25 inch Floor Speaker Stands 

VIVO Premium Universal 25 inch Floor Speaker Stands

This is a great stand for the bookshelf and surround sound speakers. The stand is 25 inches. It is compatible with universal surround sound systems for different kinds of speakers. The stands are made of high gauge steel and they come in twos. The finish is sleek matte black, which allows it to remain low profile as much as possible. The stands also have optional carpet spikes that can be used on carpets. The feet are also padded but this is also optional, meaning they can be detached just like the spikes and then placed on a solid floor.


This is an easy to assemble option that is sturdy and gives a neutral look. The price is quite low and this is quite surprising because of the low price that is offered. There is the spike or pad option, meaning we do not need to change stands in case we move to different floor settings.

4. VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand Mount

VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand

This is a speaker stand that can be adjusted and can extend to 26.5 to 47 inches. It supports different speaker brands comfortably. This is an affordable stand that can support up to 30 pounds of weight for surround sound and stereo. The black finish steel makes it one of the most stylish options available in the market. It has a side clamping plate that can adjust from 5.5 inches to 11 inches in width.


When we are actively looking for a highly adjustable stand that is within a fair price range, this is one of the best options that we can go for. The screw at the feet is a great touch and can help to achieve a more stable and leveled stand.

5. On Stage SMS6000 Adjustable Monitor Stands (Pair)

On Stage SMS6000 Adjustable Monitor Stands

This is yet another stand that could be considered for bookshelf speakers. It has a non-slip pad that is 1 mm thick. The height can be adjusted from 36 ½ inches to 54 inches. This comes with a line up of pin locking positions every 4 inches. The base is 18 inches and offers different application options that can be used during setup.


This stand has a sturdy base and offers high quality studs for the feet in case the floor is carpeted. When they are mounted and stable, they prove to be solid. However, this tends to work best when they remain at a low level. Stability tends to be lost as we go higher.

6. ECHOGEAR Bookshelf Speaker Stand Pair

ECHOGEAR Bookshelf Speaker Stand Pair

These stands are made with a heavy-duty MDF design and work with a number of bookshelf speakers. They also have cable management so that we end up with a neat look. There are carpet spikes to add to the stability of the stands.


The stands work great and they come with a cover to conceal the cord. The top base is quite small. There is the option of using spikes or runner's feet to make the stands stable. Even though they are not adjustable, they get the work done quite decently.

7. Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

This is an adjustable stand that can hold small bookshelf and satellite speakers from different brands. They come in twos. The design used is versatile and can hold speakers that are up to 3.5 pounds. The height is adjustable and the stand can hold speakers that are between 28 and 38 inches. They are steel made and have a wide base to deliver better sound quality.


This stand is one of the best to choose for smaller speakers when installed correctly, it is possible to make your listening experience even better. It helps to find out how compatible the stand is with the speaker you have.

8. Trans Deco Speaker Stands

TransDeco Speaker Stands

This speaker stand is constructed with heavy gauge steel and tempered glass. The finish is high gloss black. The spike feet are adjustable allowing it to remain stable even if the floor is uneven. This improves the overall performance of the speaker and also reduces any sound distortion. This is a great choice because of the wire management system that allows your interiors to remain neat.


We found this stand to be very sturdy and able to blend into the surroundings easily. The support pole and top plate are high gloss black while the base is made of tempered glass making it appear black as well when put in place. The rubber pads are a bit thin though.

9. Atlantic Adjustable Height Sattelite Speaker Stands

Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

This is another adjustable stand that can be picked to handle a height from 27 inches to 48 inches. They are heavy duty and are created using aluminum and have wire management to make things look neater in the home. This stand allows us to achieve the best surround sound within our homes.


It helps to research products to verify that they are compatible with the speakers if you have already bought them. When matched with the right size and weight, these stands can offer a great listening experience.

10. Monolith 24 Inch Speaker Stand

Monolith 24 Inch Speaker Stand

This stand supports up to 75 lbs. and is compatible with different bookshelf speakers within this weight range. It comes with adjustable spikes to help with the stability aspect. It has a sturdy construction and is quite durable as well. There are four columns made of steel and they have black powder finish that is scratch resistant. The columns can be filled with steel or sand to dampen vibrations.


This stand is quite easy to assemble and offers a great listening experience when one is seated in a normal position. Filling the columns tends to be the best thing to do to make them feel heavy duty and this makes the sound even better. Wire management is also quite easy with the option.

Things to consider while buying Bookshelf Speaker Stands

The best-designed bookshelf speakers usually sound even better when they are open and spaciously placed a bit further from the walls. The tweeters need to be almost the height of the ears of the listeners. This is why we need a speaker stand. Things to consider include: 

Weight rating

This is one of the most basic and most important considerations that have to be made. Can the stands bear the speaker's weight adequately? If they are not, it could be that the stands are unstable and may not be the best. When making consideration, we should also consider whether our homes have pets or kids running around. In such a case, considering weight is not enough. We need to consider the height and weight of such a stand and how big or small the bottom plate really is to know how stable the stand is.

Top plate

These are quite different from one stand to the next. Some have speaker studs or rubber feet where the speaker rests. The rubber feet are common and it is what most people use. Rubber offers a firm grip and protects our speakers from getting damaged. The speaker studs may cause speaker damage and the grip is not the best. The only thing is that they look appealing and some feel that the sound is improved because of reduced vibrations. There is the option of buying stands with solid posts or if it is hollow, choose to fill sand for it to be inert.

Construction material

In general, stands are usually created using two materials, steel, and wood. The two have their own merits. Wood stands are less expensive when MDF is used with a wrap. However, the stands are not as durable because the wrap gets damaged. The solid options are much better and durable, but they are a bit on the expensive side.

Cable management

Speaker wire may be exposed or hidden. Both steel and wooden stands offer a chance to hide your cables. However, it makes sense to first find out the size that can fit those channels. This is very important when small stands are concerned. Some options have issues getting gauge wire through.


It makes sense to have the left and right tweeters as well as the center speakers within the system at ear level. This means that the speaker stand's height depends on the design that the speakers have as well as the seating height we have at home. Some stands come with height adjustments nut this is often possible with lightweight options. For smaller speakers, consider taller options.

The Base

When the base is heavier and wider, it means that the stand will be stable even more. It helps to have a base that is a bit wider to have more stability overall. The stands also have two options as far as the base is concerned. There are spikes, and rubber pads. Usually, rubber pads are best for floors. Spikes are best on carpets. Spikes can punch the carpet to secure the speaker. If stability is important, third party outriggers are an option that could be considered.


1. Do I need stands for by bookshelf speakers? 

Manufacturers recommend the best listening position. If the speaker is not at that level, then a stand is needed. Meeting the deficit makes things better.

2. Why invest in a speaker stand that is dedicated instead of a shelf or stool?

Loudspeakers produce sounds from the cabinet front and this is where the drivers are. Physics explains that the cabinet moves in the other direction and the stray vibration can make the whole speaker cabinet to move. Having a good stand eliminates the movement. The stand grounds the speaker and this makes it possible to absorb some of the vibrations.

3. Which is the best design?

If the speaker is at the lower budget range, then it makes sense to invest in massive and heavy stands because the cabinets are often designed poorly. In such a case, the stands should be solid and thick. If the speakers are of good quality, then transmissive stands are great.


We need to consider weigh rating, the materials used for construction, the feet and base, top plate construction, as well as cable management when actively looking for bookshelf speaker stands. By ignoring aesthetics, we could compromise performance or cause damage to our speakers.