Have a look at 8 Best Beginner Drum Sets [2021 Reviews]

So you’ve decided to finally learn the drums. Percussions are one of the most important aspects of any band, as it provides the rhythm and can help control the tempo of almost every song. Drums aren’t as complicated as they seem, but learning how to play it is a lifelong investment. You’ve to be focused and choose to practice every day and with time, you’ll begin to see the hard work pay off.

A beginner drum kit needs to have the essentials after which you’ll be able to add-on any necessary instrumentals. As you progress, you can decide whether you want your drum kit to be used for recording, live gigs or even both and this can be the starting point from which you can move forward. Once you venture forward, you can choose from the options we’ve shortlisted for you to choose from. 

We’ve segregated these drum kits on various factors, including price, size, purpose and more. Once you go through this list, you can choose the one that best suits your factors and purchase. Here are some of the best drum kits today you could consider if you’re looking to purchase and start your drumming journey:


1. Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set

One of the best kids drumset you could purchase is the Mendini by Cecilio 16-inch, 3-piece set. The drum kit comes with an adjustable throne along with other additions like pedals, cymbals, and drumsticks. The metallic blue color packs the style factor and it is a great drum kit for kids who are interested in learning the instrument.

The kit is perfect for children aged three to eight and includes all of the basic tools for those who want to start early. The bass drum measures 13 x 8 inches with the mounted tom measuring 8 x 6 inches. The snare drums come in at 10 inches and are 4 inches deep and cymbal arms are 8 inches. The bass drum also comes with its own pedal and the entire set has an adjustable drum seat along with wooden drumsticks together.


  • The drumset produces the required rhythm which sounds good and is well-pronounced. It is also ample for young users who want to enjoy the feeling of starting out with the drum kit. It is an awesome tool that is far from the toy versions you find in stores. 
  • Children will be able to adjust soon and the drum kit is good enough to encourage them to treat it seriously. They won’t get overwhelmed as the size is perfect to teach them the basics
  • The drum quality is great and this, coupled with the wooden structure helps create a whole, deep beat. The stands are also sturdy and won’t wobble when hit. 


  • The drums don’t produce a great sound and also need to be tuned once in a while to get the right pitch. The thumps produced by the bass and cymbals are also out of tune at times. 
  • For kids over five years, the drums can be small and the child could end up hitting the rim. The cymbal could also crack with regular use and wear and tear. 


Overall, the Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch drum kit is best used for children who have an eye for talent. It helps them understand the basics after which a bigger and more professional drum kit will have to suffice. It helps kids learn the rudiments of drumming from a professional-looking kit, but is not sturdy enough for the long term

2. Soundoff by Evans

SoundOff by Evans Full Box Set, Standard

Evans Drumheads is an American percussion company that has been around since the 1950s. They are a popular brand among percussionists and their accessories and instruments are manufactured to be durable before any other feature. The SoundOff ensures that there’s no disturbance while you play and their drum kits are designed to absorb the noise that traditional drum kits make.

They are a great addition to teach your kids or even beginner drummers how to learn. The pads they provide, called mutes, protect drum heads from the damages that can occur while practicing. Evans has a penchant for creating great drum kits, so the SoundOff is a great option for sure.


  • Reduces noise by up to 95% and allows drummers to enjoy non-stop sessions without creating a disturbance to people around
  • The rubber material that these pads are made of comes with a textured design that sits snugly above the head of the drum. They can withstand the continuous drumming sessions and the standard box set comes with everything you need to mute a drum kit


  • These pads need to be placed atop existing drum kits and aren’t a separate set on their own. This can be an additional cost for those who want to buy one within their budget
  • It doesn’t give you the authentic sound you associate with drums and you’ll not be able to enjoy the full effect of your drum kit with the SoundOff patches on


Overall, for beginners, the SoundOff is a great addition to their drum kit as it masks the unpleasant noise that occurs during the beginning phases of practicing. By using them, you’ll be able to enjoy a damping sound that isn’t jarring, allowing you to practice in peace. However, if you want to get that authentic-sounding drum, this isn’t the product for you.

3. RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

The RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum set is an affordable kit that is perfect for your little one or a youngster looking to learn. It comes with great quality and is the perfect kit for small children. It comes with three different types of drums and includes all the tools needed to become a master drummer. The snare drum measures 10 x 5 inches, the tom measures 10 x 7 inches and the bass drum measures 16 x 12 inches, with 4 lugs as well.

The 10-inch crash cymbal is one of the highlights of the kit and is a great addition as it gives an authentic sound for the kids to enjoy. The drumsticks are also lightweight and durable for little hands to take over and learn. The seat is adjustable and has a soft cushion to make it comfortable to play.


  • The kit comes with a snare drum which generally goes missing in most drum kits. This piece is a crucial addition for kids to learn the slightly advanced techniques of drumming from a younger age
  • The cost range of the kit is also great considering the caliber of the seller, in addition to the stuff provided. They also provide a comfortable seat that makes it easier for children to adjust and adapt to.


  • The kit needs to be assembled from scratch, like most kits, but the instructions to do so aren’t very clear. You’ll need a professional to help you assemble it properly
  • The foot pedal isn’t the most comfortable and can sometimes get jammed when played for too long. You could probably do with an alternate pedal that is more comfortable for the little one


Overall, this drum kit is an excellent choice for those who want their kids to learn to drum the right way. The addition of the snare drum and the comfortable seats, along with the authentic sound are all plus points that will have the youngster excited to learn this art form.

4. Gammon Percussion Full Size

Gammon Percussion Full Size

One of the best-selling set of drums that come with great colors, the Gammon Percussion comes with a complete kit. You can get the cymbals, sticks, wood drums, stool heads, chain-pedals, and other hardware along with a user manual that teaches you about the assembly.

The manual comes in the form of a DVD and is a great way to teach beginners how to assemble a drum kit. It is ideal for those starting out and any additional resources can be added on as time progresses.


  • The five-piece drum kit has a great sound quality for beginners and has probably the best sounding one in this list
  • The drums last long as they are made of sturdy wood, with solid steel stands that make it durable. They can last for a few years and are perfect for the beginning phase


  • The seat can be a bit wobbly and uncomfortable to sit on. It is best to get your own seat that can be adjusted to your preferred height
  • The set isn’t the most professional out there and can have tuning problems that occur after infrequent use


While the accessories that come with it may be dodgy, the main drum kit in itself is a fantastic instrument. It is excellent for long term use and can withstand strong hits over time. A great kit to begin your foray into drumming for sure.

5. Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit 4-piece Drum Set

Ludwig LC178X016 Questlove Pocket Kit 4-piece Drum Set-Black Sparkle Finish

One of the best-looking drums in the market, the Ludwig LC178X016 comes with an all-black finish that adds to the style of the instrument. The drum kit is easily transportable and can be played by even a semi-professional drummer. While beginners could have a bit of a tough time trying to figure it out, it is a great way to learn all about drumming, as the kit looks and sounds professional.

The drum kit comes with free introductory lessons as well, to make it simpler for you or the one you’re buying it to learn all about the basics. The hardware is also sturdy and durable and is definitely a kit that will last you a long time. The sound quality is top-class and definitely one of the best out there.


  • The excellent sound quality that comes with an easy arrangement makes this drum kit one of our favorites. The ride cymbal can be adjusted and faced away from the bass drum.
  • It is affordable and also comes with introductory classes that are perfect for kids in 4 to 10-year-olds.


  • The drums can be a little hard when it comes to fixing them into the shells and the cymbals may not meet the quality standards you expect
  • The feet of the kit could do with a better and more creative look overall


The look of the kit is complemented by the excellent sound quality of the kit. It is an ideal instrument for those starting out and for anyone who wishes to learn to drum in the long run.

6. Best Choice Products - Complete Full Size Adult Drum Set

Best Choice Products 5-Piece Complete Full Size

The Best Choice Drum Set is a good piece for those starting out and learning about drumming. It includes all of the essentials which are required to play and comes with the toms, bass, snare, cymbals, chairs, and drumsticks. The black finish with silver coating gives the drum a classic finish. The wooden shells make the beats resonate and the quality plastic is durable.

When it comes to sound, the kit comes with a neat and strong finish that is due to the wooden material it is made of. The drum stands are also stable and do not wobble as you play them. They are a great kit for those looking to start out as they have all the necessary equipment to help them succeed.


  • Beginners will be able to learn and adapt quickly with accuracy as the tonality is already conditioned. There won’t be a need for extra refitting or tuning and it can be used as soon as it is assembled
  • The drums also have stable stands and won’t wobble when they are used. They can resist high impact with the cymbals and snares using good metal stands to keep it stable while performing


  • The product can only be used for those who are beginning. The cymbals and the heads will need to be replaced for those looking for better sound
  • The crash cymbals can be a little off-key and the drums aren’t durable after a few years of use. The wood composition makes it harder to tune the drums as well. 


Overall, the kit is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to play. The strong material used in building the drum kit ensures that the sound stays true and gives you the feel and tone you’re looking for.

7. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

One of the most affordable kits available in the market, the Alesis Drum Nitro Mesh kit comes with four tunable drum pads, a Nitro module, cymbal pads, hi-hat controller pedal as well as a kick pedal. The mesh drum heads are also tunable, and the overall setup is compact and easy to install.

This is a great kit for anybody starting out as you’ll have to spend only half an hour setting up after which you can begin. The sound is pretty basic but it is the ideal kit to practice and up-tune your skill.


  • The mesh heads make for a nice addition to your device and make it simpler to install and learn the drums
  • The drum modules are also excellent and the kit comes at a great price that make it awesome for a beginner


  • The pads are a bit small compared to a normal drum kit and adjusting to a bigger one may take time getting used to
  • The kick pad is also small and the sounds aren’t really the greatest


The Alesis drum kit does exactly what it is meant to - help beginners learn all about drumming. The kit doesn’t produce the greatest sound but it is still a wonderful addition to any beginner’s music room as it can help them understand the nuances of drumming well.

8. Pearl Roadshow - Best Drum Set For Beginners

Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Jet Black

A drum kit that’s known for being one of the best in the business, Pearl makes some of the sturdiest kits that last long. This kit comes with a 5-piece set and is ideal for both beginners and advanced level drummers as well. The kit is ready for gig setups and features locking stands that are geared as well as a bass drum pedal-driven with the help of a chain.

It comes with the necessary equipment including drum kits to tune to drums as well as thrones and other important accessories. For beginners, it is the perfect kit that can last well into their professional lives as well.


  • The drum kit comes with hardware for its cymbals as well as sturdily built hardware. It has a great kick pedal and awesome tonality overall
  • The features can also be upgraded and the stylish and beautiful design make it a great addition to any band


  • The drum kit isn’t good for those who want to add their own customizable instruments as only Pearl drum accessories work best with this


The drum package can be used as it is and the kit actually comes at an affordable price compared to the equipment it provides. The sound is beautiful and will impress any drum connoisseur.

Things to consider while buying a STARTER drum kit

There are a few things you must consider before you go ahead and purchase a drum kit. If you’re fairly new or have no experience at all, we’ve made a short checklist so you can tick them off before making the purchase -

  1. Price - Obviously, the price of the drum kit needs to be within your budget. Most drum kits today can be customized according to your liking, so even if there’s one that’s beyond your budget, you can get an affordable one and then customize it. Make sure you don’t overspend on your drum kit as you won’t be able to give it the add-ons you’d like later as you progress.
  2. Purpose - The purpose of your purchase must also be taken into consideration. What do you need the drum kit for? Are you learning it as a hobby or will you be learning it professionally? Depending on what you want to use it for, you can get advanced drum kits that will serve you in good stead over the long term. 
  3. Size - The size of your drum kit is also a factor because unlike any other instrument, they take up a lot of space. If you don’t have enough room at home or wherever you’re practicing, using a smaller, more compact version can be of better use. You must allow ample space at home for you so that you can sit in peace and practice the drums whenever required
  4. Setup - How you’d like your drum kit to be set up is another factor before you go ahead and purchase. Whether these kits can be adjusted to your height and comfort factor or whether you’ll have to purchase additional equipment that could eat into your budget are some questions you’ll have to ask yourself
  5. Add-ons - Some starter drum kits come with the basic set of just the bass drum, toms, and cymbals. Make sure you understand what your drum kit comes with so that you can get the most out of what you’re spending for it. Once you get the right parts, you just need to purchase minimal add-ons later on. 

 All of the kits featured here are of excellent quality and definitely a great drum set for teenagers you could consider. The most important thing to note is the sound quality and how durable the parts are. With time, you’ll see your child or even you improving as you practice on these sets.

Drums require you to be practicing constantly and these kits can fit snugly into any room in your house. You just have to ensure that they are properly tuned. Whether it's for your little one or for you, these kits can be customized accordingly and give you the sound you're looking for.

Learn the basics on these kits and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a fully professional drummer ready to take over the world with your awesome pedaling and drumming skill! Good luck!