8 Best and Easy Drum Songs for Beginners

“Practice from the head, play from the heart” – Brendan Jones

Playing drums might seem like a very attractive and interesting thing from far but drums are a very demanding music instrument, indeed! They demand constant practice, strength, stamina, and what not! So, for you to be the best drummer in town, you must be in for the real hard work! 

No, I’m not trying to scare you or anything! I am just spilling some facts. But don’t worry, I am not here to talk about these facts. There is a lot more in this piece of information that will help you begin with your journey as an amazing drummer. 

For starters, I have done my research and collected some information about some of the easiest songs to play on drums. This list of songs is especially dedicated to beginner drummers who are practicing for their first gig or band performance. So, let’s have a look at these songs and how you can learn them:

8 Easy Songs to Play on Drums

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson 

Starting from the song of the legendary Michael Jackson, I would like you to try your drumming skills playing this famous song from 1982! This pop hit was loved by the audience back them and has some notable drum beats that you can mimic and practice. 

Practicing this song on your drums will take you way back in the time of the real retro music, which is still a bliss for some people. The song has a 4/4 backbeat drum pattern, which means that the song will have a backbeat when the drummer counts 2 and 4.

The drums have been played by Leon Ndugu Chancler in this song. You can start with the basic version of this drumbeat and experiment with it later on!

Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day 

Green Day fans, where you at? Well, yes! I just got another hit for you guys, totally opposite from our first option. This song was released in 2005 and is one of the best songs released by Green Day. If you’re into something more punk-rock, this would be a better pick for you than our first option. Tré Cool has put the life in this song with his drumming skills.

The song not only gives a great boost to a drummer’s energy but is also a big hit among the audience. So, this song is your chance to get famous among your audience, if you’re just starting. You can’t go wrong with its simple yet powerful beats!

The song uses crash cymbal, snare drum, high hat, bass drum, and the flam.

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army 

Rock lovers know this song quite a lot well! From sporting events to car rides, we have heard this song everywhere and it is a famous hit throughout the world. So, if you pick this song for your audience, most of them are going to enjoy it!

To play it on drums, you will need three drums and a cymbal – floor tom, bass drum, snare, and a crash cymbal. The portions of songs will want you to change the beats and that is the beauty of this song!

Practicing this song will help you learn a great deal about drumming if you’re a beginner.

Sweet Child O Mine – Guns N Roses 

Another legendary hit by the legendary band – Guns N Roses.

Now, this song is quite a common pick when rock bands choose to play on stage. There are many reasons for it. First – the song is awesome, second – it keeps the ambience filled with music and lots of energy, and third – the band has a hell lot of fans!

This song will use almost the entire drum kit including crash cymbals, ride bell, hi-hat, snare, floor tom, ride cymbal, Chinese cymbal, bass drum, splash cymbal, and side stick. There are a number of online tutorials from where you can get the right notes for this one.

We Will Rock You – Queen 

Who doesn’t know Queen, the band?

Well, the band was a big hit back in the day and so were its songs, especially the Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You, besides others. The song We Will Rock You turned out to be a huge hit and was widely accepted as an anthem. 

The best thing about playing this song on the drum is that it has a very simple beat and rhythm. The song comprises two beats and either one of these beats can be played using snare drum and the bass drum. When a new drummer plays this song on the drums, it helps them learn rhythmic counting and is a show-stealer, if you’re performing.

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Another headbanger that just made the blood run faster of rock lovers back in the day! This song from AC/DC is still one of the most loved rock songs. So, if you’re looking forward to stealing some AC/DC fans from the crowd that you want to play for, this song is the best bet to play.

Player by the famous drummer, Phil Rudd, this song has a very simple drum pattern, clear fills, and very strong beats. Most part of the pattern can be played using snare combinations, bass drum, and simple fills.

Let it Be – The Beatles 

Yes, I am covering all the iconic bands here for you because chances are that you follow at least one of these bands.

The Beatles have given us some wild hits and ‘Let it Be’ was one of them. When you play this song on drums, it is sure to take your audience back in the golden days of rock.

One of the Ringo Starr’s best works, this song has a steady tempo with easy beats. The easy drum pattern and fills make this track the best for beginner drummers.

Yellow – Coldplay 

If you want to keep it mellow, go for this one if that is your genre of music.

20 years old, this song still feels quite new and fresh and is a perfect fit for people with a taste in Brit Pop. The song has a slow tempo and very easy beat, making it easy for beginner drummers to practice and learn.

The best thing about this song is that it can be learned easily, without giving too much time to it!

So, this is my take on the easy songs to learn on drums that I wanted to share. I managed to give you a list of the best and easiest songs that you can learn on drums! I tried to dive into some different genres other than rock too. I hope this helps you polish up your drumming skills and keep it rolling!