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Best Earplugs for Musicians [2020 Reviews]

A career in music is a great and rewarding thing to do. Performing without protecting the ears is a bad gamble and no one should ever risk it. We have seen many people perform without taking precautionary measures and it can have serious repercussions.  When we are exposed to loud music, our hearing degrades over time. […]

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8 Best and Easy Drum Songs for Beginners

“Practice from the head, play from the heart” – Brendan JonesPlaying drums might seem like a very attractive and interesting thing from far but drums are a very demanding music instrument, indeed! They demand constant practice, strength, stamina, and what not! So, for you to be the best drummer in town, you must be in […]

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Have a look at Best Beginner Drum Sets [2020 Reviews]

So you’ve decided to finally learn the drums. Percussions are one of the most important aspects of any band, as it provides the rhythm and can help control the tempo of almost every song. Drums aren’t as complicated as they seem, but learning how to play it is a lifelong investment. You’ve to be focused […]

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