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Have a look at Best Voice Amplifiers [2020 Reviews]

We use our voice to interact daily with our peers. If you’re a classroom teacher or anyone who has to talk often to the crowds, the background noises may sometimes muffle up your voice. Add to that the constant strain on your voice box from flexing those vocal cords too much and you have a […]

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The Best Drum Throne [2020] Reviews

“Drummers know they are kings and queens and, they get to sit on thrones!”Well, that might sound a bit cheesy but that is a fact! Drum thrones are a thing and if you don’t know what they are – they are the chair or stool that drummers sit on, while they are playing the drums. […]

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The Best Synthesizer Keyboards Reviews [2020]

Let’s be honest – with vast improvements being made in technology every day, it’s becoming harder to sift through the endless varieties of synthesizer keyboards available in the market. There are simply too many choices to choose from that can make the entire experience rather overwhelming. Should you go for one with juicy fat bass […]

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The 10 Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers Reviews

A MIDI keyboard  is essentially an electronic music keyboard which is quite similar to a piano but often equipped with other buttons, sliders, and wheels that are used for sending MIDI signals or commands via a USB or a five-pin MIDI cable to any other compatible musical device or computer that is connected and can operate […]

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8 Best Drum Machines [2020 Reviews]

“You only get better by playing” – Buddy Rich Calling all passionate drummers! We know you’re lurking, trying to look for the best options for drum machines. Well, guess what? We have got you covered and here, we have brought you an all-inclusive buying guide for the same! Your search for the best drum machine ends here. So, let’s […]

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Buying Drumming Gear: The Best Cymbal Stands to Buy

“Then God said, let there be drummers and the devil ran in fear.”Well, that quote is as badass as a drummer absorbed in his practice routine. For a professional drummer or a drumming enthusiast, a drumming kit is quite a big deal. From practicing at home to performing on stage, their entire kit needs to be […]

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